Terrible Movies Based On Video Games

We've talked about movies based on video games before, but as they keep making them, we are more than happy to keep tearing them apart. So here are some of our picks for worst films based on video games. Chazz When one thinks of mainstream video game to movie adaptations you start to think about the absolute horrors out there, like...

What We’ve Been Playing

This week at NFG has all being about The Secret World it would seem.  But mixed up in there we have prepared you for the next big zombie hit, The War Z. And also thrown in some Dawn of Fantasy and Mario for good measure. And as per usual below is what we've being playing for the week. So fellow...

Steam Summer Sale – Staff Buys

The guys at Valve were at it again with a seriously large Summer sale on all games in the Steam store. So big was it that it even brought the store to a halt at one stage.

What We’ve Been Playing July 2012

Read below for all the gaming related things we got up to while on holidays. Or check out our preferences when it comes to video games on holidays.

Video Games on Holidays

With a number of the NFG staff taking a leave of absence and going on holiday, the hot topic of what handhelds we'll be taking and what video games we are likely to catch up on was raised.

What We’ve Been Playing Post E3 June 2012

Skyrim is mentioned along with some Humble Indie Bundle classics and many mobile applications.

The Picks of E3 From The Non-Fiction Staff

After building our hopes and excitement last week with our expectations of E3, today our writers briefly review the week that has been and highlight the games that piqued our curiosity or left us wanting more.

What We’ve Been Playing June 2012

With copious amounts of time from our staff members spent playing Diablo III this weeks 'What We've Been Playing' may be rather lop sided.

DayZ Journal – Keep Your Beans Close

DayZ is a free mod for ARMA II, placing you in the position of one of the few who have survived a deadly disease outbreak.

[E3 2012] Excitement, Expectations and Explosions!

Retawes came up with the idea to actually ask the staff what they will be keeping an eye out for next month when it comes to lavish promotions at E3 2012.