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Meet: Johnny P

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night!

You’re through to Anthony, also known as Johnny P! Nice to meet you!

I’m 21 years-old, Based in Liverpool (United Kingdom), and each week I will be filling your ear plates full of tasty reviews, news, and opinionated nonsense about all your favorite video games, past and present!

My main forte with games has to probably be around the third-person shooter style. I’ve always been a sucker for a story line (like Max Payne and L.A Noire) and if a game flaunts its console’s graphical capabilities then I’m in.

I’ve never been much for RPG’s (with the exception of Pokemon games, because let’s face it, if you don’t like them you’re going to hell) but I’m willing to try anything. If it’s a game where I can race, shoot or even dance my way to beating someone else then I’ll take that all day long!

I’m also into free-roaming games, you know, the ones where you can just go at it at your own pace, such as EA’s Skate 3, or any of the Grand Theft Auto titles.

When it comes to what I play, I can honestly say I’ve never really been a PC gamer – it’ s always been about the handheld’s and home consoles. But, never say never!

You can find me on NFG’s main website or if you’re more technically-minded then catch me on twitter under: ‘HeyJohnnyPark1‘.

See you soon guys!

Favourite Game: Metal gear Solid 2 : Substance

Least Favourite : Enter The Matrix

Favourite Console: PlayStation 2



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