Games to Play Before You Die: Super Mario World

Always being asked what my favourite game is, I'm putting together a list of games to play before you die. Our gaming bucket list grows today with an entry from a series I'm sure everyone expected: Mario. We go back in time a bit here. The Mario game to play before you die has to be Super Mario World. Super Mario...

Madman Anime Festival Expo Stage and Animelab Arena Timetables

The schedule for Madman Anime Festival, all set for September 3 to 4 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Call of Duty Beer Available Now

Activision have partnered with an Australian brewery to create a Call of Duty themed beer, naturally named 'Black Hops'.

Games to Play Before You Die: Portal

We continue our Gaming Bucket List and add to it another character-driven title in Valve's Portal. The combination of addictive puzzler and stand up comedy.

Top Scores: Our Favourite Video Game Songs

There's nothing quite like a good musical score to really bring out the beauty of a game. This week we take a look at which songs we just love to hear again and again.

What We’ve Been Playing: August 2015

Searching for new games to tide you over until some of the newer titles come out? Take a look at what games have consumed our lives in the last month.

Who are Your Favourite Gaming YouTubers?

Sometimes we all need a break from playing video games; and what better way to relax than by watching someone else play them? We've collected a list of our Non-Fiction Gamers' favourite Youtube hosts to tune into.

Might & Magic Heroes VII Beta Keys To Give Away

Thanks to Ubisoft we've got 100 beta keys for Might & Magic Heroes VII to give away. Keep on reading to learn how to get one of these codes for yourself.

What We’ve Been Playing: August 2015

The start of a new month and the promise of many huge games. Before we get our hands on all the delights August has to bring, we take a quick peek at the games that are gracing our consoles.

The Top 3 Supervillains of Batman: Arkham Knight

We all know that it's the villains that make a great Batman game, so who are they? Well here's a list of my top 3 from Batman: Arkham Knight.