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What We’ve Been Playing April 2012

It has being full steam ahead this week at NFG. Chazz has informed us as to why we all need an ipad.  We’ve reviewed a number of diverse games playing a bit of catch up with Half-Life and have looked at the impressive Infinity Blade, which has pushed the boundaries on mobile gaming.

Also stay tuned for some new and exciting features that will be unveiled on the website very shortly!


After seeing what Chazz wrote in last weeks article, I have secretly been playing some Freelancer, the cinematic graphics and voice acting certainly don’t hold up but the fun is still there. Flying around the galaxy disrupting trade lanes and murdering pirates to tractor beam their resources.

Staying on the space theme I’m neck deep into Mass Effect 3 on Xbox 360. I’m enjoying the story so far. May need to disconect from the Internet before they try and force spoilers down my throat though. Haven’t tried the multiplayer yet, I may need to wait for Blueonblue to give me some tips before charging in headfirst to noob it up.


I have been a victim of butterfly gaming syndrome this last week. A little bit of Skyrim, a little bit of Terraria, some Age of Empires Online and a failed attempt at trying to get into X3. Throw some SW:TOR into the mix and I just can’t find myself committing. I’m currently downloading the Star Wars 1.2 patch so that will hopefully inspire me into some gaming commitment. Oh and Total War (Japan style) got a look in too. Ooh! And a brief few minutes of Civ 5 before it crashed.

I’ve also been feeling the urge for some zombie action lately. Something where I can play the survival aspect, something challenging but with lots of gore. I have found a couple of contenders, but nothing that is exactly what I’m looking for. The search will continue. If you have any ideas let me know.

Also you should all know that my iPad rocks. Though I don’t feel like I’ve unleashed it’s gaming potential yet. Wait out.


This week I have been investing alot of time into the new season of StarCraft 2. Along with the new maps; Daybreak, Metropolis and Ohana. The new maps that are rotated in and out every season give each season a unique player input. The new match-making system I am not sure about so far, with more diverse match ups throughout your season, though it appears that is more of a problem in 2v2/3v3/4v4 randoms. Be sure to check out the new article coming out whenever I get around to it!


This week has been fairly light on the gaming in my world. My housemate and I have been working through Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the old Xbox and I’ve been trying to feed my insatiable thirst for Diablo 3 by playing the beta over and over again…

Senior Stiv: 

This week I’ve been continuing my search for all of those Riddler challenges in Batman: Arkham City. 440 isn’t exactly an easy number to reach, but I’m plugging along. I’ve also found myself playing Civilization: Revolution again and trying to get out of my constant usage of the Japanese. I’m just too damn good with them.

Most of my time this week however has involved some intense job hunting, so unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to a lot of gaming this week, but hopefully I’ll be planting myself in front of my TV this Easter weekend to finally give Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning a try after seeing it in action. Seriously, never has combat looked cooler in an RPG.



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