What We’ve Been Playing May 2012

With the launch of Diablo III during the week check out if our writers have being inundated with all things Diablo. Have you played non stop since its release? Or have the server issues put you off entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.

Meet: Retawes

Welcome gamers to my section of NFG! I have recently joined the Non-Fiction crew and will writing articles once a week for your enjoyment. These will be Reviews, Opinions and a new feature called Rumoured Reports where I hopefully 'prophesize' what, when and who will create a specific game. If you don't know of me or my work, my name is Retawes and...

Meet: Myles

Hello there, my name is Myles and I have just been taken on as a writer for nonfictiongaming.com. Over the coming weeks and months I will be bringing you reviews and articles from around my gaming world, so I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell you a little about me, my gaming habits and views. I am 26...

Liveable Video Game Worlds

This week our writers take a look at what video game worlds they could see themselves living in. Keeping in mind that if they were to live here they too would live by their constraints and rules.

What We’ve Been Playing May 2012

We've had a fabulous response from the community with last weeks Childhood Video Game Memories article.

Childhood Video Game Memories

Thought we'd mix things up a little bit here at NFG and take a walk down memory lane with a few of our staff members. Just how did we get our lightning fast reflexes, bang on shooting precision and sheer love for all things video games? Read on to find out and if this sparks any memories for you, let us know in the...

Meet: Tunesmith

Hello, fellow friends and gamers! My name is Tunesmith and like you, I have wiled away many (too many) hours glued to screens, enjoying various video games throughout my life. I go by the moniker ‘Tunesmith’ due to adopting it from a restoration druid in World of Warcraft. I originally selected the name after reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld, a sci-fi favourite and a...

What We’ve Been Playing MOBA Time

Also some of the guys in the team have been intertwined in furious debates as to which is better DotA 2, LoL or HoN. But never fear in between the heated arguments we did manage to squeeze in some video game time too.

What We’ve Been Playing April 2012

We've reviewed a number of diverse games playing a bit of catch up with Half-Life and have looked at the impressive Infinity Blade, which has pushed the boundaries on mobile gaming.

What we’ve been playing – Easter Edition

Happy Easter from all the staff here at NFG. We've all stocked up on Easter eggs to keep us going through the four-day weekend. No excuses for being too busy. Let the all-out gaming marathons begin!