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Meet Chazz

Howdy-hey readers; human, extra-terrestrial and otherwise. I’m Chazz, which has a far snazzier (the key is the z’s) ring to it than Charles and stands in place for my many MMO toons. It is my pleasure to be the latest gamer-cum-journalist to join Non-Fiction Gaming and have the opportunity to excite, entrance and enrage you with my self glorified ramblings. My gaming experience has been a highlight of developing genius over the last decade. I am myself a gamer of the new generation.We’re fresh out of Uni and looking to have our voices heard. Most gaming articles you read are written by those who can relate back to the good old days of Super Mario World, Ultima Online and Doom. To me and to the new generation of gamers these titles mean nothing. They are archaic relics of a long past era. I am a gamer brought up on Mario 64, WoW and Battlefield 1942. My teen years were intertwined with the renaissance of gaming, a prelude to the industrial might of the gaming industry as we know it today.

Though I am guilty of flirting with consoles, my main passion is PC gaming. There’s nothing like installing a game on your PC, only to have to change your drivers, check online for a independent fix or even go as far as racing to the local hardware store to update your CPU and graphics card (as I did the day I tried to load Battlefield 3 and it wouldn’t work). This challenge, though sometimes frustrating, is half the fun for us PC loyalists. Before my game has even loaded it’s kept me entertained for 2 days trying to get the thing to work, and if we’re paying for entertainment by the hour, I know who’s getting the better deal. Yes, my gaming machine may cost four times as much as yours, yes it may have inferior controls due to endless console ports, and yes, I may have had to have dealt with the horror story that was Windows Vista. But at the end of the day I’m clocking 10 fps higher than your PSWhatever and your Xbox# and that makes all the difference… right?

Flames make it go faster, until it bursts into flames.

A smorgasbord of delicious games was given to us in 2011. My gaming life is currently divided between a number of brilliant titles. I have discovered online foreign key activation and have gotten my hands on SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) months before it is released in Australia. My nights are spent plying the dark planets of the Empire with my Bounty Hunter, trying to squeeze every credit out of hapless citizens where I can.
When I’m not pwning Republic Noobs I’m getting some more time in on Skyrim. With only eighty hours invested I haven’t even finished the main quest line. Battlefield 3 has been put to the side in lieu of lightsaber goodness but its stylish icon on my desktop whispers to me to go back to its brutal online competition. Amazingly 2012 promises to be a just as epic a year for us gamers, if only real life didn’t get in the way.

In this so called real life I am privileged to be newly engaged to a gorgeous girl, and subsequently am less privileged to hear nothing but wedding planning whenever I’m not sitting at my computer. My job. Logistics. Bad-Ass Logistics. When I’m not logistisising I am studying my Masters of Business so that I can sell out as soon as possible to some soulless company for a wad of barely earned cash. Don’t judge me. I am an avid tabletop gamer with a collection of Warhammer 40k that fills an entire room, which my afore mentioned fiancé grudgingly allows me. I am becoming slightly skilled with a squash racquet when life demands I exert myself for physical gain and thoroughly enjoy watching whatever sci-fi trash Hollywood cares to throw my way.

Double yellow dots = Nightmare difficulty

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, feelings and rants with you in the future. I can’t wait for the abusive feedback my oft unconventional views will spawn from the ever volatile creatures of the Internet. The endless name calling and typed violence is what makes the Internet so great. So indulge my good (and cruel) readers and we shall no doubt enjoy our time together.




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