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What we’ve been playing – Easter Edition

Happy Easter from all the staff here at NFG. We’ve all stocked up on Easter eggs to keep us going through the four-day weekend. No excuses for being too busy. Let the all-out gaming marathons begin!


I have just started playing Robotek on the Android Tablet, however I failed the tutorial… so I may be in some trouble. I have been sent the invite to the Mists of Pandaria beta, yet haven’t had time to pull myself away from the Diablo III beta just yet. It may just be me, but when I flatten the minions of evil using my righteous staff and sandled feet, I cannot help noticing there aren’t enough Kung Fu movie sound effects, rest assured I provide my own.

With the Easter weekend here I have some extra time to go back into Skyrim and take another look around. Love the new Steam Workshop that lets me browse user-generated mods and keep them up to date, I am keen to see some DLC though, maybe something that lets us travel to Morrowind.

Mr Port: 

I’m Wii-ing everyone! Hooray for double entendre! Like a crack fiend frantically heating a spoon, I’m flailing around with the Wiimote as a brush in Okami, for I am a video game artiste. Or just conceited. Also farming items and grinding skills in Xenoblade Chronicles; seem’s like I might need to get my IV drip back out for this thing is addictive as…something incredibly addictive. Sorry, I got distracted… I need to go play it now.


This week I have been finishing SSX, collecting achievements and such, after writing a review about the game I started playing more Gears of War 3 multiplayer matches, dominating with some friends. Although I generally prefer other games, the Gears of War series was excellent, quite possibly one of the greatest series that I have ever played. But then again, I may just like the idea of chainsaw’s on the end of guns.


This week I’ve been flirting with a number of different video games. Mostly my week has been dominated by the purchase of a new iPad, which has been rocking my world. Osmosis and Infinity Blade have been getting the most play time, with Minecraft Pocket getting a small look in. I downloaded X3 Terran Conflict and its expansion but haven’t really had a chance to check it out. I’m hoping it takes me back to the glory days of Freelancer but we’ll wait and see.

I have decided to officially give SWTOR another try. I’ve jumped on the new PvP Asia Pacific server with a republic trooper. The player numbers are much higher than the American servers, especially at the lower level areas.  I’ll keep you updated on how Chazzit is doing.

I have been trying to get back into Skyrim and the Mod scene that is going on. I have a strange desire to play a Dwarf and get my dragon slaying on short stack style.  But in true Bethesda fashion the game keeps crashing every now and again and it gets a tad frustrating.


After two days of pure Starcraft MLG bliss I’ve had a renewed interest in stealing nerds’ ladder points with one base Marine, Siege Tank and Banshee pushes.

I’ve also been playing the new and brilliant Chaos Rings 2 on iPhone and dabbling in some old school tower defense with Spice Bandits on iPad but the highlight of my gaming week was an all day Infinity Blade session in preparation for Infinity Blade 2.



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