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Tune in to the Dungeons & Dragons Livestream!

How to influence the D&D Livestream

SheriffDann and the crew are happy for you to get involved with aiding the players (or the DM) and influencing certain directions in which thee game is run.

Sometimes there will be polls asking which of several choices they want to see happen in the game.

Donating Bits for Blessings

The audience on the Twitch stream can also donate bits to the show, giving the players 'guidance' or a 'blessing'. With 100bits granting a D4 of Guidance, and 250 Bits granting a D8 Blessing.

Subscriptions for Inspiration

For every paid subscription to the channel, the crew will receive a D20 'inspiration' point to cash in to be able to reroll a d20 roll.

And in return you'll get access to a number of cool sub-only emotes to spam in chat. We love to see the emote related to one of the player characters come up when they have a great scene (Or get knocked unconcious).

Gifting Subs for a Wild Magic Surge

Looking to cause a bit of chaos?

When you gift subs during the livestream, the DM will roll on a d100 Wild Magic Surge table. There are three levels of severity (meaning 300 possibilities), with the number of subs gifted pushing the severity level up.

First a roll of D20+(Number of gifted subs) with 1-10 being Nuisance, 11-18 Moderate, 19-20 Extreme. Then a d100 is rolled to determine the effect.

Filling the DM's Phylactery

The cumulative total of donated bits and subscriptions is also added into a 'DM's Cauldron', which when full, results in SheriffDann causing a momentous event to happen in the game.