Games We Hate (That We Keep Playing Anyway)

Was there ever a game you hated? A game you loathed so much you wanted to break the controller? Something that made you angry? But despite all the flaws, you continued playing the game for some reason unknown? The Non-Fiction Gaming crew has and they're here today to share some of their experiences.   2048 Aidan B Mobile gaming is something I have conflicting...

What We’ve Been Playing April 2014

We are being all traditional and stuff here at NFG and bringing you for a second week in a row another 'What We've Been Playing' article.

Modern Games Remade Retro

Every year our beloved video games we played as kids are being remade to suit the times of the available hardware by receiving massive face lifts. Recently we've seen the revival of XCOM from our childhood memories. Conversely there are games made in modern times created in 8- or 16-bit to bring back the nostalgia, some of these show up in the Humble Indie Bundle...

[Interview] Getting Random With James Kozanecki

Spinning around on my chair lost to insanity due to my Darth Vader figurine still tormenting me because of my poor efforts to shoot him with a Nerf gun. I decided to strap him to a firework and blow him up in my paddock… well that’s what I would have done if I had a paddock and a firework. However to...

Terrible Movies Based On Video Games

We've talked about movies based on video games before, but as they keep making them, we are more than happy to keep tearing them apart. So here are some of our picks for worst films based on video games. Chazz When one thinks of mainstream video game to movie adaptations you start to think about the absolute horrors out there, like...

What We’ve Been Playing MOBA Time

Also some of the guys in the team have been intertwined in furious debates as to which is better DotA 2, LoL or HoN. But never fear in between the heated arguments we did manage to squeeze in some video game time too.

Excited for E3 2013

E3 2013 This week, the crew reveals what we want to see at E3 2013. Some of us are gearing up for a new console war between Sony and Microsoft while others just want to know what games are coming on the horizon. BlueonBlue This is going to be a big E3 2013 with Xbox one and PS4 announcements galore. I'm looking...

Games to Play Before You Die: Portal

We continue our Gaming Bucket List and add to it another character-driven title in Valve's Portal. The combination of addictive puzzler and stand up comedy.

What Is Your Gaming Setup?

Gamers love to have their own little gaming setup at home. Either a man-cave type deal built around the fundamental idea that only pizza is allowed in to be an interruption, or a woman-cave that is well stocked with bottles of wine to settle into a night of Dragon Age Origins or Medal of Honor Warfighter. The staff at Non-Fiction...

Choose your character: MrPort

What’s happening guys? Steve here, aka MrPort, just wanting to finally greet you all and let you know a little of what I’m about.