Call of Duty Beer Available Now

Activision have partnered with an Australian brewery to create a Call of Duty themed beer, naturally named 'Black Hops'.

5 Unpopular Games We Loved Anyway

Inspired by our earlier article where we discussed popular games we felt didn’t quite live up to their hype, this week the Non-Fiction Gaming crew are looking at the opposite end of the spectrum. Today we discuss video games that received little to no love, but we feel deserve some appreciation and a moment in the spotlight. Here are the unpopular...

What We’ve Been Playing (Christmas In July 2014)

This week, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew has been showing some love to Sony and playing a lot of PlayStation games. With such an expansive library spanning many genres, there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy.   Dead Space 3 James Wilson I've spent my free time playing Dead Space 3 and Strider for the PS3 and PS4. Admittedly I'm only...

What We’ve Been Playing: August 2015

Searching for new games to tide you over until some of the newer titles come out? Take a look at what games have consumed our lives in the last month.

Fallout 4 Screenshot Comparison With Fallout 3 Side By Side

We were interested to see what Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 look like side by side. So take a look at the images below and get a feel for how far visuals have come in six years.

Our Top Picks From E3 2015

Today we take a look at what games caught the keen eyes of our Non-Fiction Gaming crew at the E3 Conference just gone by. A wide range of new IP, continuation of old favourites, and HD remakes.

Excited for E3 2013

E3 2013 This week, the crew reveals what we want to see at E3 2013. Some of us are gearing up for a new console war between Sony and Microsoft while others just want to know what games are coming on the horizon. BlueonBlue This is going to be a big E3 2013 with Xbox one and PS4 announcements galore. I'm looking...

Games to Play Before You Die: Portal

We continue our Gaming Bucket List and add to it another character-driven title in Valve's Portal. The combination of addictive puzzler and stand up comedy.

Our Most Anticipated Games of 2015

With 2014 almost a full month behind us, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew looks forward to 2015 in anticipation. Will this year bring us a better standard of gaming?

The Top 3 Supervillains of Batman: Arkham Knight

We all know that it's the villains that make a great Batman game, so who are they? Well here's a list of my top 3 from Batman: Arkham Knight.