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The Best Foundry Modules for Custom Character Sheets

While Foundry is a great tool out of the gate, one of the impressive things about it that sets it above things like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds are the Modules. Modules are often open source ways to take your game to the next level.

Reminder that Foundry can have multiple character sheet options installed and each player can use whichever one they prefer.

There are some amazing 3rd party/community character sheet modules out there that could take your game to the next level.

If you’ve got some more that need checking out, please comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

Player Character Sheets:

Reminder that Foundry can have multiple character sheet options installed (exceptions are Obsidian which changed how data is saved) and each player can use whichever one they prefer.

Tidy5e Sheet

5e tidy sheet

Tidy5e Sheet – Currently the most popular character sheet that is both visually pleasing and has some quality-of-life changes.

Tidy5e Sheet is an alternate Actor Sheet for the dnd5e Game System aimed at creating a cleaner user interface.

It replaces the default Character Sheet, NPC and vehicles sheet and alters the item sheet.

Several Functions have been moved to be more visible and easier to use and the Layout has been adjusted to better fit the contents and make the overall layout more scannable.

The item sheets were treated in the same way to better fit the overall appearance.

Sky’s Alternate D&D 5e Character Sheet

Sky’s Alternate D&D 5e Character Sheet – slightly changed/improved layout for the default sheet.

Replaces the default D&D 5e character sheet with an alternate layout of the main tab (including an area to list frequently used items, spells, etc), additional information in the biography tab, and a new tab for taking notes.

D&D 5e OGL Character Sheet

D&D 5e OGL Character Sheet – if you just can’t move on from roll20 completely.
Obsidian – a complete revamp of the FoundryVTT character sheet and how it works. It changes how Actor data is saved on your world so using it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Only install it if you understand what you are doing and have made backups.

A classic layout for a 5e Character Sheet, heavily inspired by the Official 5e Character Sheet and the Roll20 default 5e Sheet. This sheet is chaotic and packed with information all on one screen, but it does have the advantage of having some muscle memory if you’re coming from either pen and paper or Roll20.

Favorite Item Tab

Favorite Item Tab – while not a sheet per se, enables a Favorite tab for the default sheets which is a big quality of life for players who want to stick with the default.

Adds a Favourite tab to display a customized list of items, feats and spells. Usable with the default dnd5e Character sheet. You can add any item from the inventory, spellbook or feature section of the Character sheet.

NPC Character Sheets:

These help DMs better run D&D 5e creatures.

Tidy5e Sheet

Tidy5e Sheet – As above for players Tidy5e Sheet is a great Foundry module for both players and DMs. It’s a tight layout and very stable.

Better NPC Sheets 5e

Better NPC Sheets 5e – completely changes the Foundry layout for NPC sheets to look much more similar to the 5e official stat blocks.

Better NPC Sheets

This sheet displays all the basic information that the default sheet displays, but in a more compact way in an effort to include as much extra information as possible.

Feature, Weapon and Spell information are all displayable to show a description as well as a short summary of the attributes. All of this can be collapsed if not needed, though that collapsing is not persistent (meaning it will revert to default upon reloading of the sheet). Spells are so dense in information that they get collapsed by default, but they can be opened to display the information just like any other item.

Most of the Sheet information is directly editable even though it might not look like it, while Item Controls are hidden by default. To see all options you can open the edit mode by clicking the cogwheel in the top right corner of the sheet. It will highlight all edit boxes and display all item menus for displayed items.

Has recently had some issues and low maintenance, use with caution.

Monster Blocks

Monster Blocks Foundry Module

Monster Blocks – An NPC sheet for Foundry VTT designed to faithfully reproduce the appearance of D&D 5e monster stat blocks.

  • Generate attack descriptions including hit bonus, damage formula, and average damage.
  • Generate spellcasting features for regular and innate casters based on the actor’s spellbook data.
  • Promote the Multiattack action to be displayed first, even if it isn’t the first in the actor’s list.
  • Show a concise view of all the relavant game statistics as in oficial 5e books.
  • Optionally display an image of the creature for reference.
  • Optionally display the “secret” blocks of feature descriptions inline rather than in boxes (useful for SRD monsters as they come with descriptions in secret boxes).
  • Automatically set the size of the window to fit the content of the statblock, simple creatures automatically take up less space!
  • Show or hide lair actions, standard statblocks don’t really include those, but since you can add them to the actor I made it possible to display them.
  • Settings cog to toggle some features in the upper left corner.
  • Made it so that the [X Close] button can’t get overflown off of the control bar (this effects all windows, not just this sheet).
  • Rolls for ability checks, saving throws, skills, features, actions, and spells.
  • Open and edit features, spells, and other items by right-clicking their description.
  • Drag and drop items from the sheet to elsewhere.
  • Set default options in settings, and per-actor settings from the settings cog.
  • Supports rolls from Better Rolls for 5e if installed.
  • Themes: You can pick different themes for each monster to help differentiate.
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