What We’ve Been Playing MOBA Time

Also some of the guys in the team have been intertwined in furious debates as to which is better DotA 2, LoL or HoN. But never fear in between the heated arguments we did manage to squeeze in some video game time too.

[Interview] Getting Random With James Kozanecki

Spinning around on my chair lost to insanity due to my Darth Vader figurine still tormenting me because of my poor efforts to shoot him with a Nerf gun. I decided to strap him to a firework and blow him up in my paddock… well that’s what I would have done if I had a paddock and a firework. However to...

Emotional Gaming Moments

Games often create a world full of wonder and imagination. In these virtual worlds we meet characters, forge alliances and friendships. Games can let us escape into another world that we can form an emotional connection with. Sometimes a single tear drops from the corner of your eye as a character you've come to love sacrifices themselves, perhaps you...

Books For The Non-Fiction Gamer

Being a gamer I don't get time for too many books with my pile of shame looming a little high at the moment. While books like John Dies at the End, REAMDE and even the Discworld series are great, sometimes I'm in the mood for something more than just a story. Below are some Non-Fiction books on the subject of gaming....

What We’ve Been Playing After E3 2014

After the excitement of E3, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew have been settling back into our normal gaming schedule. Some of us have been searching for something new to play with varying degrees of success finding new and old gems. Others have been inspired by what was on show at E3 this year and are preparing for games yet to...

The Best Video Game Sidekicks

Sidekicks are an important part of every game. They're often the unsung heroes as we celebrate the player character who slays the villain, foils the plot, saves the world, and gets the girl.

[E3 2012] Excitement, Expectations and Explosions!

Retawes came up with the idea to actually ask the staff what they will be keeping an eye out for next month when it comes to lavish promotions at E3 2012.

5 Unpopular Games We Loved Anyway

Inspired by our earlier article where we discussed popular games we felt didn’t quite live up to their hype, this week the Non-Fiction Gaming crew are looking at the opposite end of the spectrum. Today we discuss video games that received little to no love, but we feel deserve some appreciation and a moment in the spotlight. Here are the unpopular...

Games We’ve Been Playing: May 2015

It's been another long week of gaming and we've been doing our best here to keep up with all that is going on. Here's a quick run-down of what games have been gracing our screens.

Meet The Writers: Anthony

  Hey Guys! My name is Anthony! It’s a pleasure to meet you all and be part of the Non-Fiction Gaming team. So where do I start? As a kid I grew up in Fairfield, Melbourne, where my first console was a Sega Mega Drive, which came with my favorite game, Altered Beast. Those two things were my lifeline. It was at this...