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What Are You Playing This Week? June 2015

We take another quick peek at the games that have been gracing our consoles, phones, and computers in the last two weeks. Looking for some game ideas for those cold winter nights? Check out what we’ve been playing in the last little while.



Dark Souls, Legend of Mana

Senior Stiv

This week I’ve been playing a lot of the original Dark Souls. After my time with Bloodborne I really wanted to dig into the rest of the Souls series. Up until Bloodborne I only really dabbled in the rest of the series and quit part way through the game. But since I played and completed Bloodborne, I now want to complete their masterpiece.

I’m currently stuck on the Capra Demon, but if there is one thing this series has taught me it’s that persistence is key to moving forward. Or just go somewhere else and get stronger.

I also recently found my old PS1 and I’ve been putting time into one of my favorite action/RPG’s, Legend of Mana. I have to say the game has held up well over the years. It still looks and plays well and I can’t wait to get into some of the game’s deeper mechanics with the monster farming and golem creation. That, and taking in the games odd, but interesting story.



Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

Aidan B.

So all of my free time in the last little bit has been soaked up by Elder Scrolls Online. I was dubious about getting it because most of the press online has panned the latest adventure in Tamriel. Pleasantly surprised was I, however. The game is similar enough to Skyrim to be enjoyable and the ability to power through dungeons with friends is a very nice addition.


I would have loved to see more economy in the game, though. Leveling up the crafting skills (Woodworking, Clothing, Smithing, Enchanting, Provisioning, Alchemy) have their personal benefits and items can be sold in guild stores. The idea of getting some land and a shop somewhere in Valenwood, though, is tempting. I can only imagine how much longer it would hold my interest if that was the case.


Don’t Starve Together


Survival games with perma-death have come out in force these last 12 months and we’ve discussed Don’t Starve before. The Tim Burton-esque art style sucks you in to an inhospitable island where everything is out to get you. I had spent many hours building up my food stores and base only to be beaten by the first winter, again and again.

dont starve together fire

Now with Don’t Starve Together, I can work with friends, we can split off into separate tasks and get more done in the precious daylight of each day. But it’s not all rainbows and Beefalos, More players means more mouths to feed, more things that can go wrong and of course more arguments over who took the last MeetBalls from the cooking pot.

As we got better at the game our gamer minds got into the groove of thinking 10 days ahead: “We’re going to need ‘X’ before winter, we should get that sorted now”. The problem then is we’d leave short term needs until the last minute, then there’s a queue of four people waiting to get access to the food in the one fridge, all yelling at each their single digit hunger levels.


Let us know what you’re playing this week in the comments below. What games are helping you through the night?

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