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4 Last Generation Games That Need HD Remasters

Remasters. Remakes, and HD. Allegedly, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are meant to be the greatest, most powerful and innovative consoles ever created. The marketing basically claims if you don’t have one or the other, you’re not a real gamer.

Yet here we are more than a year after launch and it seems 50% of the best games are just remasters of the best titles from the last generation. Some are barely even 2 years old and are often even younger with most recent examples coming to mind being Saints Row IV (originally released late 2013), DMC Definitive edition (originally released January 2013) and the Borderlands Handsome Collection (the freaking Presequel came out in October 2014, damn it!).

Now while we can piss and moan about this trend that seems to have no intention of leaving any time soon (I see Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Payday 2 on the horizon…), I say we start making requests.

I asked the Non-Fiction Gaming crew what remasters would they like to see on their shiny new consoles and they have risen to the occasion!



Senior Stiv

I would love to see the original Bioshock re-mastered. The game already looked gorgeous on the Xbox 360 and PS3, seeing it on next-gen consoles would be amazing. Much like the Borderlands: Handsome Collection every bit of DLC from the game should come with it and maybe even add in some new content to expand upon the game. And it would honestly be nice to have this game back in my life again.

But since Irrational Games closed down I highly doubt this will happen anytime soon. A gamer can dream, though.

Dreaming of a better place under the sea…


The Legend Zelda: Twilight Princess

Aidan B

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess sits on the cusp of previous gen and the generation prior, being released on the Wii and the Gamecube. When I thought of games I’d like to see remastered for the next generation, a few things sprung to mind. Did I want a game that I was desperate to play again? Or something that would benefit from the new and more powerful graphics?

In the end, I settled for both.

Imagine THIS on an HD console!

I know we’re already expecting a next-gen Zelda title for the Wii U this year but Twilight Princess has a special place in my heart. I know the debate rages about which is the best Zelda title and I’m not weighing in on that. Twilight Princess is an awesome combination of gritty, dark story-telling and the elements that make Zelda great. This is the game I use to tempt friends into the Legend of Zelda fold.

Using the power of the Wii U, and a better controller scheme, I would love to see this game updated for the current gen. Twilight Princess’ more realistic imagining of the Hyrule Kingdom deserves to be seen in the glory in which it was developed. I would truly love to be able to show more of my friends this series with something that didn’t look quite so dated.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

James Wilson

I would really like to see a Modern Warfare collection for the Xbox One and PS4, similar to the one Halo has recently received.

There has already been an online petition for this to happen gaining thousands of Call of Duty fans’ signatures, so hopefully this will get noticed by Activision. I know the games aren’t that old, but I think that they are deserving of a remaster and I would love to play them again, especially if they make it so your account/online progress transfers over.

I gotta admit… I would love to experience this again

Other than that, a Resistance triple pack might be a nice touch by Sony, if there won’t be a fourth in the series any time soon.


Red Dead Redemption


If my overly long bitter introduction to this article didn’t tip you off, I’m not particularly happy about the trend of remaster after remaster. Most companies put in little effort at all, to the point where you can only see the visual enhancements with a side by side comparison.

But then there is Rockstar, a company that has now released Grand Theft Auto V three times and included noticeable graphical updates and significant gameplay additions. Gamers were stoked to have first person mode and a movie maker added to the PS4/Xbox One and PC versions, respectively. With that in mind I absolutely would LOVE to see what more Rockstar could add to Red Dead Redemption on the current gen consoles.

Man… how much better could this look!?

Red Dead Redemption is one of my two favourite games from the last generation of games (the other being Bioshock) so having an excuse to replay it would make me and a lot of other people happy. Even a simple graphical upgrade would guarantee I buy Red Dead again. It was already gorgeous on my PS3 so riding on horseback through the untamed West in PS4 era graphics must be absolutely breath taking.

There IS a chance Red Dead Redemption 2 will get an announcement soon so perhaps I’ll just wait for that. Hopefully Rockstar is done with GTA5 now (finally).


That it from the Non-Fiction Gaming crew! What PS3 or Xbox360 game would you like to see again with a fresh coat of paint? Let us know in the comments!

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