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Our Favourite Firearms from Gaming

We Take a Look at Gaming’s Greatest Guns and Our Weapons of Choice.


Guns and other firearms are a mainstay of gaming. From Call of Duty to Portal, firearms usually make an appearance to help us cleave waves of enemies down. Here are a list of our favourite weapons from the long history of gaming.


Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (Half Life 2)


More commonly referred to as the Gravity Gun, this weapon uses a tractor beam that was originally designed for handling hazardous materials, but, because we are Gordon Freeman, we use it to whip some Combine butts.

Compared to the usual fare of weapons in first person shooters, this one allowed you to think outside the box and make use of the fancy new Source engine by building bridges. Though in its basic state the gun couldn’t affect most organic matter, it could punt Headcrabs and there’s nothing more satisfying.

guns 1

Once supercharged by the Confiscation Field in the Citadel the ‘Gravity Gun’ undergoes a massive enhancement. Being able to move massive objects and fire them with even greater force becomes a highlight of the Half Life experience.

With this increase in power, any Overwatch soldier punted by it is instantly killed and their body retains a charge that will kill others if it strikes them. It’s like playing a game of explosive billiards.



M4 Carbine Assault Rifle (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)

James Wilson

The gun that got me into first-person shooters, the Colt M4 Carbine, derived from the earlier M16 rifle, was designed for close combat use for the United States Military. The weapon is gas-operated, magazine-fed, versatile, has selective fire, can have multiple telescopic sights and is lighter than earlier models.
Credit to MeganeRid of DeviantArt
Credit to MeganeRid of DeviantArt
For me it was always the simple go to choice for multiplayer in Call of Duty 4 as it was always reliable and easily controllable. My favourite set up with this gun is to use it with either the red dot sight for accuracy or simply with the grenade launcher for added explosive fun. Bandolier and stopping power are also great perks to complement the M4, adding both ammunition and bullet damage to your arsenal.

Laptop Gun (Perfect Dark)


I’ve played through several games with a wide variety of firearms, so choosing a favorite wasn’t particularly easy. But I think I’ve finally come to fairly decent conclusion.

guns 3

My favorite firearm would have to be the Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark. It wasn’t the most amazing thing in single player, but it was a mean piece of weaponry in multiplayer. The gun could unload a massive amount of bullets in to your opponents for some quick kills. The real kicker though was its transformation.

You can lay down the weapon on the ground and use it as a sentry gun. I remember laying it down in a room and just racking up kills as my friends would wander into the room only to be met a hailstorm of bullets. I have been on the receiving end as well, but it is why I love this gun.

Catching your friend in that trap is certainly a cheap kill, but the vicious cycle of getting back at one another with the Laptop Gun is what made it such awesome firearm.


Golden Gun (Goldeneye 64)

Aidan B.

There’s rarely a gun that offers the sort of class and lethal finality synonymous with the golden gun. From its appearance in Goldeneye 64, the golden gun has been a mainstay of the James Bond series and even having counterparts in innumerable shooters.

Credit to JoshAdamous of DeviantArt

As a nod to the film, The Man with the Golden Gun, and its original owner, Francisco Scaramanga, who needed one shot to kill his target, the gun instantly kills whatever target it hits. It’s a risk, sure, as dying will give up the weapon to your opponent.

If you can stay alive and avoid missing with its one-bullet-clip (a task made simple by Goldeneye 64‘s many secret paths and doors), you become a fearsome force in the game. Chain the kills together, get yourself a martini, and be a classy killer like 007 himself.

What is your go to weapon from a video game? Let us know your favourite firearm in the comments below.

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