Glorious Gaming Victories

Gaming Victories are best when well deserved. Anyone who has played video games long enough can tell you a story. A story of one of their most glorious victories achieved in the realms found in our digital entertainment medium. Some have finished a wonderful adventure for the first time and it filled their soul with pure contentment that lasts to...

Borderlands 2 Competition

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED (Winners will be annonounced via Facebook and Twitter) Borderlands 2 is launching September 21st across Europe and Australia on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Through GameFanShop, Non-Fiction Gaming has two digital copies of Borderlands 2 to give away. Two lucky readers will receive a free PC copy this week. Read on to...

What We’ve Been Playing MOBA Time

Also some of the guys in the team have been intertwined in furious debates as to which is better DotA 2, LoL or HoN. But never fear in between the heated arguments we did manage to squeeze in some video game time too.

What We’ve Been Playing

It has been a hectic week here at Non-Fiction Gaming with content as well as readership steadily increasing. We all hope you've been having as much fun reading our rants, informative news and reviews as we have had writing them.

What We’ve Been Playing

This week at NFG has all being about The Secret World it would seem.  But mixed up in there we have prepared you for the next big zombie hit, The War Z. And also thrown in some Dawn of Fantasy and Mario for good measure. And as per usual below is what we've being playing for the week. So fellow...

The Best Video Game Sidekicks

Sidekicks are an important part of every game. They're often the unsung heroes as we celebrate the player character who slays the villain, foils the plot, saves the world, and gets the girl.

Our Favourite Firearms from Gaming

Guns and other firearms are a mainstay of gaming. From Call of Duty to Portal, firearms usually make an appearance to help us cleave waves of enemies down.

Liveable Video Game Worlds

This week our writers take a look at what video game worlds they could see themselves living in. Keeping in mind that if they were to live here they too would live by their constraints and rules.

Meet: Retawes

Welcome gamers to my section of NFG! I have recently joined the Non-Fiction crew and will writing articles once a week for your enjoyment. These will be Reviews, Opinions and a new feature called Rumoured Reports where I hopefully 'prophesize' what, when and who will create a specific game. If you don't know of me or my work, my name is Retawes and...

What We’ve Been Playing – March 2015

Welcome to another instalment of What We’ve Been Playing! It’s been a while since our last entry but that just means quite a nice spread of titles this week to share with you.