Who are Your Favourite Gaming YouTubers?

Sometimes we all need a break from playing video games; and what better way to relax than by watching someone else play them? We've collected a list of our Non-Fiction Gamers' favourite Youtube hosts to tune into.

What We’ve Been Playing

Non-Fiction Gaming staff have been alternating between some of the latest games to some favourites from the past. From Hitman: Absolution to Pocky & Rocky, the important thing is that gaming is being had. Emma: I have delved back into Dragon Age: Origins and have been so completely blown away by the story telling that I can't figure out how I didn't...

Must Have Features For Next Gen Consoles

With the next generation consoles on the horizon we asked NFG staff what are the must have features of these new pieces of hardware. We also explored some more "nice-to-have" features which could or could not be as feasible. How about the rest of the video gaming community, any must have features that these consoles require for you to spend...

Terrible Movies Based On Video Games

We've talked about movies based on video games before, but as they keep making them, we are more than happy to keep tearing them apart. So here are some of our picks for worst films based on video games. Chazz When one thinks of mainstream video game to movie adaptations you start to think about the absolute horrors out there, like...

Video Games on Holidays

With a number of the NFG staff taking a leave of absence and going on holiday, the hot topic of what handhelds we'll be taking and what video games we are likely to catch up on was raised.

Video Game Deals this Weekend from Around the Web

Amazon and other retailers have updated their weekly selection of video game deals for the weekend.

Modern Games Remade Retro

Every year our beloved video games we played as kids are being remade to suit the times of the available hardware by receiving massive face lifts. Recently we've seen the revival of XCOM from our childhood memories. Conversely there are games made in modern times created in 8- or 16-bit to bring back the nostalgia, some of these show up in the Humble Indie Bundle...

5 Unpopular Games We Loved Anyway

Inspired by our earlier article where we discussed popular games we felt didn’t quite live up to their hype, this week the Non-Fiction Gaming crew are looking at the opposite end of the spectrum. Today we discuss video games that received little to no love, but we feel deserve some appreciation and a moment in the spotlight. Here are the unpopular...

Games We Hate (That We Keep Playing Anyway)

Was there ever a game you hated? A game you loathed so much you wanted to break the controller? Something that made you angry? But despite all the flaws, you continued playing the game for some reason unknown? The Non-Fiction Gaming crew has and they're here today to share some of their experiences.   2048 Aidan B Mobile gaming is something I have conflicting...

What Games We’ve Been Playing – Destiny Edition

Considering 90% of the Non-Fiction Gaming readership have a PlayStation 4, and that Destiny is the most hyped game of the year. What Have You Been Playing?