What Games We’ve Been Playing – Destiny Edition

Considering 90% of the Non-Fiction Gaming readership have a PlayStation 4, and that Destiny is the most hyped game of the year. What Have You Been Playing?

Borderlands 2 Competition

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED (Winners will be annonounced via Facebook and Twitter) Borderlands 2 is launching September 21st across Europe and Australia on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Through GameFanShop, Non-Fiction Gaming has two digital copies of Borderlands 2 to give away. Two lucky readers will receive a free PC copy this week. Read on to...

Games We Hate (That We Keep Playing Anyway)

Was there ever a game you hated? A game you loathed so much you wanted to break the controller? Something that made you angry? But despite all the flaws, you continued playing the game for some reason unknown? The Non-Fiction Gaming crew has and they're here today to share some of their experiences.   2048 Aidan B Mobile gaming is something I have conflicting...

What We’ve Been Playing January 2015

And so 2015 has begun! After several months of celebrating Christmas and New Years, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew has many exciting tales to tell.

What We’ve Been Playing

Another week has passed and even more hours than we care to count have also passed on our choice of gaming platform. The boys this week have revisited some old time classics, come together for a gaming night and are hanging out for the releases of some big name titles. Senior Stiv: I’ve dusted off my old DS Lite and got...

What We’ve Been Playing Feb 2013

The staff at Non Fiction Gaming take some time to once again share their thoughts on the games they are currently playing.

Terrible Movies Based On Video Games

We've talked about movies based on video games before, but as they keep making them, we are more than happy to keep tearing them apart. So here are some of our picks for worst films based on video games. Chazz When one thinks of mainstream video game to movie adaptations you start to think about the absolute horrors out there, like...

The Top 3 Supervillains of Batman: Arkham Knight

We all know that it's the villains that make a great Batman game, so who are they? Well here's a list of my top 3 from Batman: Arkham Knight.

[Interview] Getting Random With James Kozanecki

Spinning around on my chair lost to insanity due to my Darth Vader figurine still tormenting me because of my poor efforts to shoot him with a Nerf gun. I decided to strap him to a firework and blow him up in my paddock… well that’s what I would have done if I had a paddock and a firework. However to...

Meet: Tunesmith

Hello, fellow friends and gamers! My name is Tunesmith and like you, I have wiled away many (too many) hours glued to screens, enjoying various video games throughout my life. I go by the moniker ‘Tunesmith’ due to adopting it from a restoration druid in World of Warcraft. I originally selected the name after reading Larry Niven’s Ringworld, a sci-fi favourite and a...