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Wildfrost Mobile Launch: A New Frontier in Roguelike Deck-Building Games

The Enchanting World of Wildfrost Arrives on Mobile Platforms

In an exciting announcement for gaming enthusiasts, the beloved roguelike deck-builder game, Wildfrost, has officially announced its arrival on mobile devices.

London’s own Chucklefish alongside the creative minds at Gaziter and Deadpan Games have revealed that starting April 11th, the Wildfrost universe will expand its horizons to iOS and Android platforms, making its much-awaited mobile debut.

This launch allows players worldwide to pre-register for the game, ensuring they’re part of the journey the moment it goes live at midnight local time.

Embarking on a Frosty Adventure

Wildfrost invites players to traverse a harsh, frozen world, undertaking a vital quest to liberate it from the icy clutches of the Wildfrost. Players will find themselves at the heart of Snowdwell, a resilient settlement that serves as the last bastion of hope against a never-ending winter.

Armed with a deck comprised of charming companions and powerful elemental items, gamers must employ strategic skill and clever deck-building techniques to succeed. The game challenges players to break the frosty hold of Wildfrost and restore warmth to the world.

A Game of Strategy and Charm

Featuring a delightful mix of adventure and deck-building mechanics, Wildfrost tests players’ combat skills as they endeavor to save Snowdwell. Each playthrough offers a unique experience thanks to the game’s roguelike nature, ensuring endless replayability. Players begin their journey with a selection of ‘leaders’ from various tribes, each equipped with distinct randomized stats and skills. The game’s dynamic counter system adds a layer of tactical depth, encouraging players to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses.

Wildfrost is rich in content, offering players a compendium of adorable yet fierce card companions and elemental items to recruit, enhancing their battle tactics. The game also introduces a captivating array of enchanting charms, further bolstering players’ abilities. Following each expedition, the game allows players to return to Snowdwell, where they can restore the town, unlock new cards, and gear up for increasingly thrilling challenges and events.

Notable Features and Global Accessibility

  • A seamless blend of deckbuilding and adventure, offering a unique challenge with each playthrough.
  • A variety of ‘leaders’ with distinct abilities and stats, ensuring diverse gameplay experiences.
  • The introduction of a dynamic counter system for strategic battles.
  • An expansive roster of card companions and elemental items for tactical gameplay enhancements.
  • Daily Runs and endless replayability, guaranteeing a new adventure every day.
  • Exclusive charm cameos from popular games such as ‘Cult of the Lamb’ and ‘Celeste’.

Set to launch on April 11th, Wildfrost will be available for £6.99, $6.99, €6.99, and accessible in English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Korean. This expansion into the mobile gaming sphere marks a significant milestone for Wildfrost, offering a broader audience the chance to experience its captivating world and innovative gameplay.

For further information on Wildfrost and its mobile release, visit the official Wildfrost website.

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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