What Changed Mobile Gaming in the US?

It was not always so popular amongst players, particularly in the US. So the question has to be asked, why did the attitude to mobile gaming change in the US?

Bethesda’s E3 2017 Showcase – Everything Announced This Year

Bethesda came in late for the E3 press conference of 2017, bringing us a late-night event from BethesdaLand, their own self-styled amusement park. Among other things they debuted sequels to Wolfenstein and The Evil Within, along with a new Dishonored game. This year there weren't any massive surprises. Mostly ideas tacked on to older games giving them a little breath of life. And...

The Australian Pokedex: 151 Pokemon You Want in The Aussie League

With new Pokemon regions opening up each generation we could see a visit Down Under to Australia in the future. The incredible Paul Robertson on Twitter has put together amazing art for the Australian Pokedex. Below are 151 Pokemon themed on the unique offerings of Aussies. Australian Pokedex 1-29 Going from previous Pokedex setups, we can assume Gumnutt, Kickfish, and Bludgie would...

The Complete E3 2017 Press Conference Schedule

Here's a handy table that will help you figure out what's coming when, no matter what time-zone you're in: Click to Enlarge The official E3 Twitter account has posted a handy timezone chart for every E3 2017 press conference. @anshinritsumai has put together a second chart (seen above) with colour coded information and some added details for other developers. The conferences start...

Using The Legend of Zelda to Explain Narrative, and Meaning in Games

The other day, a discussion erupted around the water cooler at work. It's not an actual water cooler, obviously, but y'know. The discussion was about our top Legend of Zelda games - a ritual that is mandated after every release. For many of our group, Breath of the Wild was top of the pops. But for me, Majora's Mask still...

Non-Fiction Gaming Competition: WIN Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One

Non-Fiction Gaming is giving our readers a chance to win a copy of the action-adventure game Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One. To celebrate the launch of the new Game Club Podcast this month, we’ve got a copy of the game to give away and some Steam codes for indie games to give away. One lucky Non-Fiction Gaming reader will receive...

Listen to Mark Hamill Read Donald Trump’s Tweets as the Joker

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who also voices the Joker in the Batman Arkham Games and animated series, is using his take on Gotham's most famous villain to make Donald Trump tweets sound even more nefarious.

Russ Prendergast: LG Marketing Manager on Aussie eSports & Gaming Hardware

Take a listen below as we ask Russ Prendergast the important questions on the future of eSports and what LG has in the pipeline for gamers.

Child’s Play Charity Launches 2016 Holiday Donation Drive

Child's Play, the videogame industry's most giving charity, has officially begun its 2016 holiday fundraising drive. Established in 2003, Child's Play has distributed more than $40 million USD in donations from the staggering support of the video game community, bringing the universal joy of "play" to children staying at more than 200 hospitals and domestic violence shelters across the globe. As...

Peanut Gallery TV: The Broadcasters Shining a Light on Aussie eSports

Started as a two-man operation in Brisbane, Peanut Gallery TV moved quickly to secure a space at the table of eSports businesses.