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Who are Your Favourite Gaming YouTubers?

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Sometimes we all need a break from playing video games; and what better way to relax than by watching someone else play them? We’ve collected a list of our Non-Fiction Gamers‘ favourite Youtube hosts to tune into.

Now, we could just rattle off our own Non-Fiction Gaming Youtube channel (click here) or even the awesome reviews of our very own AusCasualGamer (over here), but it’s probably better if we focus on some of the great work done by others.

TheSw1tcher (Super Best Friends Play)

James Wilson

These guys make hilarious videos covering multiple genres; from random 20 year old games to new(er) reviews and even have their own podcast.
Best Friends Play
They also attend conventions, host weekly ‘Friday Night Fisticuffs’, do full LP’s of the worst games ever (most recently Ride to Hell), and have their own theme weeks where they cover a range of games including horror, wrestling, James Bond, Terminator, Jurassic Park.. you get the idea.
I could literally watch all of their videos as each one is entertaining and will make you laugh, and you can’t say that about most YouTubers, definitely a good way to spend half an hour. Check out their channel here.

Jim Sterling


More commonly known as “Jim FUCKING Sterling, son” to his fans, he offers what I feel is a unique and much needed voice to the games industry. He often voices opinions and critiques of game publishers and publisher practices months or even years ahead of his game journalist peers.

Jim sterling

The most famous example being when he pointed out two years ago Konami seemed to have no idea how to do PR and were an awful, petty company (which subsequently got him blacklisted). You only have to look at any headline featuring the word “Konami” from the last 6 months to see he was 100% right. That’s just one example of many where Jim had the nerve to say things others wouldn’t dare to.

Though it’s not just his opinions and commentary on the games industry I love. I find him very funny and witty so I enjoy watching and reading his stuff just for a laugh. I look forward to The Jimquisition every week and recommend gamers give it a chance. I think my favourite episode is “Batman is everything wrong with SquareEnix“.


Dodger Leigh


I’ve only recently gotten into some the big gaming YouTube personalities and of all the ones I’ve seen I’d have to my absolute favourite is Dodger Leigh. I know she does a lot of stuff beyond video games, but of the video game stuff she does do it is highly entertaining, funny and sometimes really informative.

Her Let’s Plays are some of the funniest things to enjoy especially since the vast majority of them are of ridiculous dating-sims. The narrations she provides are some of the funniest things I’ve heard on the internet. The additional commentary she provides is also hilarious.

Dodger Leigh

Beyond her funnier moments on her channel she does craft videos, simple vlogs and quick news bits. Also she does a number really cool podcasts which often shows her thoughtful side on video game news and issues.

Essentially, if you’re fan of nerd stuff and want a YouTuber who is funny and swears like a sailor definitely check out her channels at dexbonus and presshearttocontinue.



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