Listen to Mark Hamill Read Donald Trump’s Tweets as the Joker

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who also voices the Joker in the Batman Arkham Games and animated series, is using his take on Gotham's most famous villain to make Donald Trump tweets sound even more nefarious.

Video Game Features We Need In Real Life Part 1

If you could take something from the video game world and bring it to real life, what would it be?

Our Favourite Firearms from Gaming

Guns and other firearms are a mainstay of gaming. From Call of Duty to Portal, firearms usually make an appearance to help us cleave waves of enemies down.

Borderlands 2 Competition

THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED - THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED (Winners will be annonounced via Facebook and Twitter) Borderlands 2 is launching September 21st across Europe and Australia on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Through GameFanShop, Non-Fiction Gaming has two digital copies of Borderlands 2 to give away. Two lucky readers will receive a free PC copy this week. Read on to...

Who are Your Favourite Gaming YouTubers?

Sometimes we all need a break from playing video games; and what better way to relax than by watching someone else play them? We've collected a list of our Non-Fiction Gamers' favourite Youtube hosts to tune into.

Will I Need to Replay Games Ever Again?

Replay value is the amount of enjoyment a player could glean from a game that he or she had already finished. The notion of replaying a game is one that's seemingly lost to time. Here are the ways games have changed direction away from replay value.

Four Games to Play in 2018

For gamers that are in the loop, it can often feel like there are simply too many games released every year to sample all of them. You might head over to review sites, rely on recommendations from friends, or otherwise do some trial and error gaming of your own to find the games that you’re going to love to...

What Games Are On Your ‘Pile of Shame’?

The Non-Fiction Gaming crew could no doubt make a very impressive gaming library out of their piles of shame. A Pile of Shame is made up of games you want to finish but just never got around to it. We all have games that we got in a Steam Sale or a Humble Bundle that were just extras fattening up the...

Puppies at PAX Aus thanks to Activision & Australian Working Dog Rescue

DESTINY 2 ‘SUPPAWTS’ AUSTRALIAN WORKING DOG RESCUE INT AT PAX AUS, TO RAISE AWARENESS ‘FOR THE PUPPIES’ Tomorrow, Activision is bringing the iconic line from the Destiny 2 live action trailer ‘For The Puppies’ to life by helping raise awareness for non profit charity, Australian Working Dog Rescue Int (AWDRI). As part of the partnership, Activision and AWDRI will be bringing real-life puppies to PAX AUS, Australia’s largest gaming...

The Top 3 Supervillains of Batman: Arkham Knight

We all know that it's the villains that make a great Batman game, so who are they? Well here's a list of my top 3 from Batman: Arkham Knight.