Stevie B Says: ‘Hey!’

They call me Stevie B (actually, no one's ever called me that, but the habit of internet usernames is one that's ridiculously hard to break),

What We’ve Been Playing: June 2015

It's the start of another month with its own share of recent releases. We take a look at what the Non-Fiction Gaming staff have been playing in the last couple of weeks.

4 Last Generation Games That Need HD Remasters

Here we are more than a year after launch and it seems 50% of the best games are just remasters of the best titles from the last generation.

What We’ve Been Playing May 2012

With the launch of Diablo III during the week check out if our writers have being inundated with all things Diablo. Have you played non stop since its release? Or have the server issues put you off entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.

What We’ve Been Playing

There have been some big releases these past few weeks, in the world of video games. Non-Fiction Gaming staff have been wearing down thumbs with great vigour. eSports is getting bigger, we've been behind the wheel with Need for Speed Most Wanted, breaking down doors in Medal of Honor Warfighter and Stiv has been helping readers make their way through Borderlands 2  Senior Stiv Been...

Indie Games Investigator – Faster Than Light (FTL)

After my run in with the developers of Day Z (I mean Day Y!) I took a couple of weeks off. Time to collect my thoughts, look for a new target and let the burn marks heal. It had been confirmed, the dark world of Indie Games did indeed exist and it was far more dangerous than I first...

Meet Blue

My name is Jason, or Blueonblue, and I’m going to be talking to you about what you have all come here to read about; gaming.

What We’ve Been Playing: August 2015

Searching for new games to tide you over until some of the newer titles come out? Take a look at what games have consumed our lives in the last month.

Games to Play Before You Die: Portal

We continue our Gaming Bucket List and add to it another character-driven title in Valve's Portal. The combination of addictive puzzler and stand up comedy.

Weekly Wii U Deals

Wii U deals and sales will be updated frequently, many deals might expire/change. *Prices subject to region and change Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Bundle  - $200 Register Mario Kart 8 and get a digital copy of one of these games: Nintendo Land New Super Mario Bros. U Game & Wario Pikmin 3 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Sonic Lost World Mario & Sonic at...