What We’ve Been Playing

There have been some big releases these past few weeks, in the world of video games. Non-Fiction Gaming staff have been wearing down thumbs with great vigour. eSports is getting bigger, we've been behind the wheel with Need for Speed Most Wanted, breaking down doors in Medal of Honor Warfighter and Stiv has been helping readers make their way through Borderlands 2  Senior Stiv Been...

Top Scores: Our Favourite Video Game Songs

There's nothing quite like a good musical score to really bring out the beauty of a game. This week we take a look at which songs we just love to hear again and again.

4 Last Generation Games That Need HD Remasters

Here we are more than a year after launch and it seems 50% of the best games are just remasters of the best titles from the last generation.

Indie Games Investigator – Chapter One

  For most gamers, their gaming life revolves around the flashy titles of your EAs, THQs and Blizzards. AAA titles that you can find on the shelves at your local EB or read about in magazines. But hidden away in the shadows lies the obscure, sometimes frightening and often darker society of gaming. An underworld of gaming, if you will....

What We’ve Been Playing May 2012

With the launch of Diablo III during the week check out if our writers have being inundated with all things Diablo. Have you played non stop since its release? Or have the server issues put you off entirely? Let us know in the comments section below.

Win a Copy of ‘Evolve (PS4)’

We've got a copy of Evolve (PS4) to give away. Just complete the action items for your chance to win! Evolve is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, pitting four player-controlled Hunters against one alien Monster.

Meet Blue

My name is Jason, or Blueonblue, and I’m going to be talking to you about what you have all come here to read about; gaming.

eSports: which game would you turn pro for?

With the continuing growth of eSports around the globe we thought, "Hey why can't we join in on the squillions of dollars of prize money and fun of playing games for a living?" We posed exactly that question to our staff members, if you could be a pro-gamer, which eSports would you play and why? Daniel: Australia doesn't have the biggest fan-base when...

What We’ve Been Playing: August 2015

The start of a new month and the promise of many huge games. Before we get our hands on all the delights August has to bring, we take a quick peek at the games that are gracing our consoles.

[Interview] Getting Random With James Kozanecki

Spinning around on my chair lost to insanity due to my Darth Vader figurine still tormenting me because of my poor efforts to shoot him with a Nerf gun. I decided to strap him to a firework and blow him up in my paddock… well that’s what I would have done if I had a paddock and a firework. However to...