Best And Worst Video Games Based On Movies

Video games can be original ideas, but sometimes it's easier to base them on a book, comic, TV show or even a movie. There are some absolute shockers out there, conversely there are some really great finds. We're talking about video games that have been inspired by a movie. Here are our staffs thoughts; if you agree are disagree let...

[Interview] Getting Random With The Charalanahzard!

Dry for an article and out of boredom I began to ask myself random questions, while spinning on my computer chair trying to shoot my miniature Darth Vader figurine with my Nerf gun (I missed). With each pull of the trigger and miss, an idea slowly came to mind, "GET MASSIVE  NURF GUN AND SMOKE THIS FOOL".Nah, I'm just...

Meet: Retawes

Welcome gamers to my section of NFG! I have recently joined the Non-Fiction crew and will writing articles once a week for your enjoyment. These will be Reviews, Opinions and a new feature called Rumoured Reports where I hopefully 'prophesize' what, when and who will create a specific game. If you don't know of me or my work, my name is Retawes and...

Gaming Marathon to Raise Money for MS Australia

  On Saturday 4th November I’ll be kicking off a marathon 24 hours of gaming. Laura Verrier, Keagan Watkins, Tyler Jefferson and I will be playing games in the name of charity.   Specifically to support those living with Multiple Sclerosis.   Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a condition of the central nervous system, interfering with nerve impulses within the brain, spinal cord and optic...

Four Games to Play in 2018

For gamers that are in the loop, it can often feel like there are simply too many games released every year to sample all of them. You might head over to review sites, rely on recommendations from friends, or otherwise do some trial and error gaming of your own to find the games that you’re going to love to...

Call of Duty Beer Available Now

Activision have partnered with an Australian brewery to create a Call of Duty themed beer, naturally named 'Black Hops'.

The Best Video Game Sidekicks

Sidekicks are an important part of every game. They're often the unsung heroes as we celebrate the player character who slays the villain, foils the plot, saves the world, and gets the girl.

Top Scores: Our Favourite Video Game Songs

There's nothing quite like a good musical score to really bring out the beauty of a game. This week we take a look at which songs we just love to hear again and again.

Fallout 4 Screenshot Comparison With Fallout 3 Side By Side

We were interested to see what Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 look like side by side. So take a look at the images below and get a feel for how far visuals have come in six years.

Indie Games Investigator – Chapter One

  For most gamers, their gaming life revolves around the flashy titles of your EAs, THQs and Blizzards. AAA titles that you can find on the shelves at your local EB or read about in magazines. But hidden away in the shadows lies the obscure, sometimes frightening and often darker society of gaming. An underworld of gaming, if you will....