Sunless Sea – Game Club Podcast 08

SUNLESS SEA is a top-down exploration game, where you are the captain of a ship exploring the vast unknown of Fallen London - a sunken world. Will you leave a legacy of sea captains? Or will your ship vanish into the depths of the ocean, remembered by no one.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator – Game Club Podcast 10

Join the Game Club team as they play the unexpected hit of 2017, DREAM DADDY – a Dad Dating Simulator where you meet and romance other dads. Will Dan find his dream daddy? Will Catherine’s dads ever return her in-game texts? And what does Charles – an actual dad – think of it all? Join us for an action packed tenth podcast.

Papers Please – Game Club Podcast 09

Papers Please. Have your documents ready. Game Club steps into the border checkpoint in this dystopian document thriller. Will the team stick to the Glory of Arstotzka? Or will they undermine the regime from within. Join us on the ninth episode of the podcast and check you've got your papers.   Direct Download (Right Click+Save As) RSS Feed Subscribe via iTunes ...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Game Club Podcast

Put together you team of para-military badass mofo’s and kick some serious alien butt. Or in Catherine’s case, send wave after wave of raw recruits to their death until the enemy loses the will to fight. This week Game Club discusses: Bladerunner 2049, Cinema etiquette (i.e. if it’s ok for Catherine to abuse unsuspecting movie goers…), the dark world of Everwing and this week’s Game Club game – XCOM: Enemy Unkown. Join your first and last line of defence against alien invasion: Catherine, Charles and Dan as they take on a new game each fortnight to discover the best indie gaming has to offer.

Yoshi Cuphead Controversy and SNES Mini Classic – Game Club News

Catherine is away training with monks in the QLD mountains to become a better PC gamer. So Charles and Dan catch up on the latest online outrage. Is the SNES Mini Classic any good? (Yes, yes it is). Charles is ranked pretty high in Star Wars Destiny... beat that Catherine. Next week we promise to discuss XCOM: Enemy Unkown... Subscribe via...

The Wolf Among Us – Game Club Podcast 06

Telltale’s ‘The Wolf Among Us’ has us in the dark and gritty world of fairy tales. Listen to Game Club hit the streets of Fabletown.

The Best and Worst of PAX Australia 2017 – Game Club Podcast 16

PAX Is over! But our excitement is not. Charles and Dan break down the best and worst of PAX AUS 2017 in this special episode of Game Club. There's more good than bad at the highlight of the nerd's year down under. But it's worth talking about who's doing things well in this space and who needs to lift their game. Subscribe...

Goat Simulator – Game Club Podcast 05

We promise there are only one or two goat puns in this Goat Simulator episode because we didn't want to 'Get up your goat'.... OK that's one of them. This week we talk about Goat Simulator and cover such topics as D&D Therapy to naughty Skyrim mods in our nerd news segment. Enjoy! Next episode we'll chat about The Wolf Among...

Game Club 03 – The Stanley Parable

.embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } Stanley... decided to press play and listen to this podcast. Direct Download (Right Click+Save As) RSS Feed Subscribe via iTunes Join the Game Club Facebook Group Game Club on Stitcher ...

Game Club Poll: Sunless Sea, Papers Please, Or FTL?

As part of the Game Club Podcast we want to know which games YOU want to play or hear us discuss. Next op we've got some indie darlings you've requested. Next Time on Game Club…. Sunless Sea, Papers Please, or FTL: Faster Than Light We took a break from the dark and gritty after This War of Mine with some Goat Simulation....