Why watch Twitch streamers when you can play the game yourself?

Gaming streams have become an extremely popular and profitable activity. Millions of people spend their time on sites like Twitch or YouTube, watching other people play games. If you've ever tried to explain video game streaming services to a non-gamer, no doubt you've been asked this infamous question.

Bajo on the Future of Twitch Streaming After Good Game – PAX Australia 2017

Steven “Bajo” O’Donnell has moved on from Good Game and Good Game Spawn Point (Announced Tuesday night) to focus on livestreaming. We caught up with him at PAX AUS to discuss how he’s finding the transition into Twitch streaming and his plans for the future.

Monster Hunter, Dice & Bajo from Good Game PAX AUS 2017 Day One

Your first day of PAX Aus is over and the next has begun. In this issue, you’ll discover the hot new trends to look out for on the show floor, or if you can’t make it down to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre I’ve got you covered. Monster Hunter World First of course was to check out the new offering from...

What Changed Mobile Gaming in the US?

It was not always so popular amongst players, particularly in the US. So the question has to be asked, why did the attitude to mobile gaming change in the US?

28 Questions a DM Should Ask Their Players When Starting a D&D Campaign

DND Party Excited
You're not a mind flayer, I mean mind-reader. So what better way than to actually speak to your D&D players and ask them these some questions.

Using The Legend of Zelda to Explain Narrative, and Meaning in Games

The other day, a discussion erupted around the water cooler at work. It's not an actual water cooler, obviously, but y'know. The discussion was about our top Legend of Zelda games - a ritual that is mandated after every release. For many of our group, Breath of the Wild was top of the pops. But for me, Majora's Mask still...

What’s the Big Deal About Banning Outlast 2?

Anyone even remotely interested in gaming news in the last three weeks will know about Outlast 2's situation in Australia. For everyone else, the Department of Classification and the Arts refused to classify Outlast 2. The result? The game is banned in Australia. It was refused classification for implied sexual assault. It has since been reclassified with an R18+ rating. Other...

So I Played a Bit of Everything Today

Everything is a consciousness sim that lets players explore anything and everything in the universe. But where does it sit in our medium? Released on the PS4 on March 21st, Everything is interesting. The question is: is it a game?

Should I Buy a Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is an amazing new piece of gaming hardware that blends the home console with a portable gaming device. It is the perfect console for a young family that is both time poor and looking for games that don’t involve endless slaughter. It is the best way to access Nintendo’s IP which easily eclipses any other consoles exclusive offerings. It is so very much better than the WiiU.

What Makes Breath of the Wild Amazing Isn’t Just Its Mechanics

For all the changes Breath of the Wild brings to the Zelda franchise, it's the narrative shifts that are the gems we should be focusing on.