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Should I Buy a Nintendo Switch?

Switch Portable Mode

I’ve never been a gambling man. I don’t like casinos. I leave the horse races to those far better dressed than me. And I generally don’t eat lukewarm sushi.

Yet in a controversial move, I sold my PS4 a month or so ago and last week, purchased myself a shiny new Nintendo Switch. When I told my friends this they showed a mix of emotions ranging from aghast to amused.

One particular friend was plain pissed off as she was planning on stealing my PS4 to play Horizon Zero Dawn, which admittedly looks amazing. They asked questions like;

“Why would you sell your PS4 for a system that’s not even out yet?” and “What if it’s rubbish?” as well as “How am I going to play Zero Dawn now?!”

Here was my reasoning which I very patiently imparted on them:

Nintendo Switch Dock controller

9 Clear Reasons Why You Should Buy a Nintendo Switch

  1. This is a gaming revolution, combining a console and portable device in seamless beauty.
  2. I’m a new Dad and haven’t had access to the TV to play my PS4 in nine months.
  3. I travel quite a bit for work and that’s what the Switch is designed for.
  4. Most PS4 (and Xbox, yuk) games can be played on my PC.
  5. Nintendo develop a bunch of kid friendly games that I’m currently raising a human for.
  6. Nintendo are the only company that still supports couch multiplayer.
  7. I haven’t owned a Nintendo system since the N64 and I miss Mario.
  8. Sometimes you gotta go full Fanboi and ride the wave of excitement/betrayal.
  9. I often find myself at parties with beautiful people who only invited me to play 1-2-Switch!

Are You a Nintendo Fan?

So far my experiences with the Switch have 93% confirmed my Fanboi dedication. But to fully embrace the Switch you have to understand what the system is, and what it isn’t.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing new piece of gaming hardware that blends the home console with a portable gaming device. It is the perfect console for a young family that is both time poor and looking for games that don’t involve endless slaughter. It is the best way to access Nintendo’s IP which easily eclipses any other consoles exclusive offerings. It is so very much better than the WiiU.

The Switch isn’t a traditional AAA title playing media centre. It doesn’t have the best graphics or the most power. Nor should it!

nintendo Switch controller size

The whole device is barely bigger than your smart phone.

Let’s be practical here people.

It doesn’t have access to all of the latest and greatest AAA titles. If you’re a real gamer you’re playing these on a PC anyway.

It doesn’t have a broad range of release titles.

Nor did the PS4. Play Zelda ‘Breath of the Wild’ and be happy until Mario Odyssey comes out in December.

Switch Breath of the Wild

It doesn’t have a media centre with Netflix.

What is this? 2010? Do you not have a Smart TV? All of your complaints are void and you should feel bad.

As more titles get released this piece of hardware will have its epic potential unlocked. But this potential won’t be reached unless the system is supported by the consumers and the developers.

But I hear you cry, “I already have a Wii U and a 3DS! What do I need a Switch for?” Well. You probably don’t. At least not for now. But really? You bought a Wii U? How embarrassing.

Switch controllers

In 12 months you’ll come begging and Switch will be ready to embrace you with hopefully less expensive arms. The immense feeling of smugness and self satisfaction I get from snapping the Joy-Cons onto the Switch and lifting it out of its dock makes the purchase worthwhile, and will never get old. NEVER!

Imagine this scenario. It’s 7pm. The wife is staring off into a haze of exhaustion. The kid is playing on the floor and enjoying some Wiggles in order to avoid a melt down. You want to get some gaming in but can’t face the glares of judgement as you abandon your family.

BOOM! Switch!

You grab the Switch out of its dock. Flick out the kickstand (oh yeah, this bit is flimsy as) and rest it on your legs. You and the wife each grab a Joy-Con and play a few rounds of Snipperclips. The woman who apparently “doesn’t like games” has a blast, the child isn’t neglected and your boredom is averted. Everyone wins!

This is but one of the many new gaming possibilities the Switch unlocks. Welcome to a new world people.

Take your Switch over to a friends house and play Breath of the Wild at the same time.

I only really have a couple of meagre complaints about the Switch. Both of which revolve around the controller. Firstly it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. It’s funky. It’s innovative and I love what it does. But it’s square. Secondly the Joy-Cons very rarely jank up and become unresponsive. Restarting the system (which takes 5 seconds I might add!) solves this second problem. Both issues are solved by buying a Pro Controller which I think I will eventually have to do.

If you’re thinking about making the Switch (I’m only human!), ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons and you will find endless fun in this innovative system.




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