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Future Changes to The Gaming Industry 

If you’re a gaming lover, then you’ll know just how many changes come about in the industry, seemingly every day. What was ‘in’ one week is ‘out’ the next as new technology comes along and usurps what was becoming to be the norm. Yet underneath all of that,  gaming does have some elements that haven’t changed at all; it’s still fun, it still makes people happy, and the aim of every game is to win (how that’s done will differ, of course).

It’s a strange phenomenon, but gaming is both the same and very different to how it once was. Here are some of the changes that are expected in the near future that you might want to look out for. 

Cryptocurrency Games 

If you like the kind of game you need to pay to play, such as slots or bingo, you might be interested to hear that you could soon be paying using cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency video game

The most famous brand of cryptocurrency is bitcoin, but there are lots of other types as well, and if you’re interested in buying your own to use in your gaming, there is a handy guide at www.cryptovantage.comCryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by any government and are much more centralised, meaning it can be used in transactions across the world without having to take any exchange rate into account.

Not only that but using cryptocurrency online is very secure since this form of currency uses a system of complicated codes to ensure it is kept safe. 

Virtual Reality 

Not that long ago, virtual reality wasn’t something that many people could afford to have in their homes. If you wanted to play games using VR, you had to go to an arcade, a casino, or somewhere like a convention specialising in such things.


However, as virtual reality has become more commonplace, the price has come down, and it is now possible for gamers to have this fun experience in their own homes. It is still a relatively expensive piece of gaming equipment, but it is much more affordable than it once was. 

Many different games can be played using VR technology, from platform games to games in which you explore new worlds. Classic games have been updated to include the tech too, and much more besides. For some, virtual reality is the ultimate form of gaming, and more and more games will be released that take advantage of that fact. 

Cross-Platform Games 

At the moment, when you play your games, you will (for the most part) be playing them on one system and one device. That might be a games console, or perhaps your laptop or a mobile device. In the future, cross-platform games will mean there are fewer limitations; you will be able to play the game of your choice across any device you want, picking up where you left off.

This technology is already in use, but only for a small number of games. As time goes on, more and more games will have this ability, and you will be able to start playing at home, continue when you are out and about, and the finish when you reach your destination should you wish to. 



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