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4 Games That Deserve Remakes

The Non-Fiction Gaming crew were feeling somewhat nostalgic this week and started thinking about some of our favourite games. Naturally, when a gamer starts thinking about games from their youth, they begin pondering what they would love to see reborn this generation.

Today, we’ll be sharing games dating as far back as the Super Nintendo that deserve to be remade!


Banjo Kazooie

Senior Stiv

I would love to see my childhood game, Banjo-Kazooie, be remade. The game was already visually colorful and was a fun platformer, a remake would only make it better. Seeing Treasure Trove Grove in this generation’s more intense graphics would be amazing. Plus with more space new areas could be added to old levels, or, even better, they could add entire new levels to explore through.

Yes, I know there was Nuts n’ Bolts, but the reliance on the building and wrench to fight just didn’t make the game feel like a Banjo-Kazooie game. While they’re at it they can also remake Banjo-Tooie just so the whole series can be revamped.

Though this somehow seems wrong…


Crash Bandicoot

James Wilson

I would love to see Crash Bandicoot remade for the current generation. I mean who doesn’t like the series? It’s been gone for a long time now and I think Crash is ready for a comeback. Activision even own the rights to the game franchise and have done next to nothing with it, which I’m sure they could if they wanted to (it would be a nice change from FPS’s).

My God! This game uses the full spectrum of colour!
My God! This game uses the full spectrum of colour!

Crash Bandicoot‘s good level design, crazy boss fights and, in some games addicting co-op play, make it one of the most fun games that certainly I’ve ever played and I would jump at the chance to play a new title featuring the heroic spinning marsupial. It even has some of the best video game music of all time!

Here’s hoping he comes back in some form.

I might be living in the past regarding Crash Bandicoot though because I preferred the original Naughty Dog games. There is a high probability that they won’t be re-acquiring the IP, and are busy with their recent successes Uncharted and The Last Of Us, so an old school Crash looks unlikely.


Toy Commander


I’m not one for out-of-ten scales but Toy Commander is a textbook ten. It was made by No Cliche` – a French game studio that folded some time ago. Which is a tremendous shame because Toy Commander hits almost every mark perfectly and, being on the Dreamcast, not many people will be able to revisit its magic.

The player assumes the role of different vehicles (tanks, planes, helicopters) and tries to complete missions in record time. Whether it’s racing, rescuing a doll whose house is under siege, or trying to boil some eggs, the missions are hugely varied. Even the mutliplayer is outstanding. You can engage in a dog fight or bombing run. Or why not play the resource game and choke out the enemy’s fuel supplies? No Cliche` takes very complex concepts and translates them into the game effortlessly.

Gotta admit… This looks pretty damned fun

Toy Commander gives you the option to complete all the missions, enough missions to unlock the boss fight, or just enough to get to the next world/room. Which means that there is lots of content for dedicated players but anyone who finds a mission challenging will not be left behind. Give me a Wii U or Xbox One remake of this and I’d be settled for a year.



Final Fantasy VI


Final Fantasy VI is often in mentioned in discussions of which Final Fantasy game is the best. The game has an interesting assortment of character with diverse backgrounds and abilities, a reasonably simple but engaging story, and one of the best sound tracks from the SNES era of OSTs.

You could be forgiven for thinking I want a console remake of this JRPG, but I personally think it is best suited to a 3DS recreation with visuals similar to the wildly successful Bravely Default (the first REAL Final Fantasy game in years).  The chibi proportions of the original Super Nintendo sprites would translate extremely well to the chibi 3D models of the Bravely Default cast. I’d also love to hear the entire soundtrack remastered for the newer generation of consoles.

I’ve waited more than 10 years! I want a remastered opera scene!

But what is infuriating is that Final Fantasy V and VI have not been remade for any console to date. Meanwhile Final Fantasy I, II, and IV have been remade TWICE. They were all recreated for portable Nintendo consoles before being recreated AGAIN for the PSP. Remember, these games are remakes and not ports.

Come on SquareEnix! If you can remake four of the Final Fantasy games twice, you can spare a budget and remake number VI!


So you’ve heard from us, but now we want to hear from you! What games would you like to see reborn for the modern era? And on what console?

Let us know in the comments!



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