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What We’ve Been Playing August 2014

With another few weeks behind us, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew once more divulges what titles we have enjoyed recently. One of us has been left disappointed by our choice. Others are completely psyched about what the future holds for them. While I personally feel a little disturbed.

Read on to find out why!



Aidan B

After several price reductions, I finally got Rabbidsland for Wii U. My only other experience with the Rabbids phenomenon was TV Party on the Wii and left me a little confused and largely disappointed.

Even the Rabbids look disappointed with it all

Rabbidsland is a party game but feels half-finished. The primary mode involves four players on a game board trying to collect trophies through quizzes, minigames, and other spaces. While it’s short-lived and almost devoid of minigames, the games you do get to play are excellent. The level of strategic depth and possibilities within the two-player minigames has gotten me looking forward to Mario Party 10.

There are a heap of extras that are pretty fun but otherwise pointless. Ubisoft have put a lot of effort into the collection of videos of the Rabbids doing various things. Funny, yes. But I can’t help but think that more game would’ve gone further.



Senior Stiv

These past few weeks I’ve been playing, but the Destiny Beta. It sunk in huge amount of time into my Hunter to turn him into the most badass level eight Hunter I possibly could. I also decided to check out the other two classes, the Warlock and Titan. Both offer their own interesting abilities from the Hunter, but the Warlock has become my second favorite class with intense Void special ability.

Throughout the entire beta experience I witnessed more of what we can expect from Destiny. From more challenging multiplayer to a trip to the Moon, Destiny is shaping up to be one hell of a game.

2014 now has TWO games where you go to the moon

Age of Empires II – Game of Thrones Campaign

Now that it’s over I’m looking to get back into playing more Transistor and finish up more of Game of Thrones campaign in Age of Empires II HD. Playing as the Tully’s I’ve taken out the Lannisters, the Tyrells and Renly Baratheon.

Now I just need to take care of those pesky Iron Islanders and Stannis Baratheon to win the campaign. I may even backstab the Arryns of the Vale, just because, well, I never really liked them that much.


Dark Souls 2

James Wilson

This week I’ve traversed the land of Drangleic in search of the Crown of the Sunken King.

If you thought that some of the level design in the game could have been better then play the DLC, the areas are done almost perfectly. The enemies you fight and the bosses are hard to beat, and the location will leave you scratching your head on more than one occasion. Dark Souls 2‘s Crown of the Sunken King is well worth the price and has left me wanting the next two installments even more.



I also spent a great deal of time not only maxing out my character level in the Destiny Beta, but also finding all (or most) of the cool armour and gear that was available in the form of loot around Old Russia.

I chose to play as the Warlock, a jack-of-all-trades type with the added bonus of magic attacks. The Beta was fun to play and I enjoyed exploring what I could and fighting it out in the online multiplayer (Crucible). However many of the missions we saw in the Alpha, leading me to believe that the story element to the game may not be as long as was originally thought. This may not be the case when the game comes out but there was also a rumour that there would only be one explore-able area per world. The game will also have side missions, exploring for loot with friends and of course multiplayer, so this may not be a big issue.

The Beta as a whole was great, the highlight for me being the moon mission where you follow in the footsteps of a fellow Guardian whilst being hunted by the Fallen. I’m just waiting on September 9th now.


2014: The year of the MOON


Tomb Raider


I must say that after spending more than two weeks playing Saints Row IV, I haven’t really been looking forward to playing anything in my pile of shame.

Honestly, how can anything compete to a game that use Stan Bush’s ‘The Touch’ during the climax? Or lets me befriend the Velociraptors? Or tells me only I can find Santa Claus and help save Christmas? NOTHING! That’s what!

No comment

In the end I threw a dart at my PlayStation 3 and it landed on Tomb Raider, which I got free via the PlayStation Plus service. I have to ask, what the hell is with the creepy brutalizing punishment of Lara Croft?

I feel like I’m watching some sick, perverted developer’s torture porn. In the first five minutes Lara has her head slammed on the steel floor of ship, almost gets drowned in the ocean, gets beaten over the head with a stick, and is left hanging upside down before finally falling at one story and getting impaled on a pipe. FIVE. MINUTES. IN.

Since then I’ve seen her crushed with rocks, mauled by wolves, choked to death by a Russian I’m convinced raped her corpse afterwards, and been shot through the throat with an arrow.

One of the least graphic images I found on Google

However, once you get past the torture porn presentation of Tomb Raider, the gameplay is quite enjoyable so far and I look forward to playing it some more.

So who else has been playing the Destiny Beta? Is everyone looking forward to that game? Let us know in the comments!

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