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What Games We’ve Been Playing – Destiny Edition

2014 now has TWO games where you go to the moon

“What we’ve been playing” seems like an almost pointless question this week. Considering 90% of the Non-Fiction Gaming crew and readership have a PlayStation 4 and that Destiny is the most hyped game of the year, of course most of the crew is playing it!

So read on and see how we feel about Destiny so far (except KRS 2 because he always has to be different… or he doesn’t have a PS4).



Senior Stiv

I’ve just been playing a whole lot of Destiny this past week. Thus far, the game has been fantastic. Things start off kind of slow, but once you leave Earth and start gaining higher levels the game really starts to pick up.

I’m currently at level 16 with my Hunter and is only getting exceedingly more badass as I continue playing. There is lots to explore and loot as well, making the game endlessly entertaining.

I imagine I won’t be having much of a social life for the next month or so.



Destiny & Dark Souls 2

James Wilson

Destiny is out and it’s been really good so far, a fun mix of exploration and combat make it one of the best games to play with friends so far this year. I’d liken the game to a combination of Borderlands and Halo in the way that it plays and feels.

The best parts of the game are playing with friends to get Legendary loot, and co-oping Strike missions to beat an assortment of nasty aliens. Just watch out for Phogoth on the moon, that’s all I’m saying!

Does this count as a spoiler?

I’m also back on Dark Souls 2‘s DLC ‘Crowns of the [insert name of king here]’ and I’m noticing a pattern, and no its not that you have to collect crowns, it’s that From Software has really put a lot into their additional content.

In the previous it was the level design that I thought stood out the most, and its good here but I think the best part of the Crown of the Old Iron King is the lore. The story telling is great as you find out more about what happened to the Old Iron King (of course you already know), locate Velstadt’s long lost brother, and foil another crooked queen’s plans.


Bravely Default & Dynasty Warriors 8


I’ve had Bravely Default for a month or so but only started playing it two weeks ago due to other gaming commitments (Tomb Raider, Saints Row IV, Spec Ops, etc.).  And my goodness, is it great! It’s the first real Final Fantasy game in years and feels like a natural progression from Final Fantasy VI way back on the SNES.

The in-game art style is so cute!

I had heard the story was generic and with no real twists, so my expectations of the narrative were quite low. However, within the first hour or two a character with amnesia and a mysterious journal foretelling the future (so it would seem) appears. It’s a great little addition early on (assuming you read the whole journal) which makes you desperately find out the identity of the writer.

I also won a copy of Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends and started playing through the story mode with my girlfriend on co-op. We’ve had a lot of fun playing the game since it feels like the evolution of old school beat-em-ups like Double Dragon.

This is why sometimes you shouldn’t ALWAYS listen to critics or the general opinions of gamers, since I’ve always been told Dynasty Warriors sucks and is nothing but a button masher. I believed them until Hyrule Warriors was announced and I realized my opinion (Hyrule Warriors looks crap because it’s just Dynasty Warriors) was based on no actual firsthand experience. I hadn’t even looked at gameplay footage before!

I did know that the costumes were fabulous though

So I’m glad I took a look at the series, and you can bet I’ll be looking forward to playing more Warriors games in the future!

DOTA 2 & League of Legends


Unlike the other millions of gamers, I have not yet partaken in the Destiny craze. I’m waiting for the hype to die down a little before I make that kind of commitment.

I am stuck into a game starting with D though… DOTA 2 has been on my Steam playlist as I’ve been getting reconnected with Valve’s entry into the MOBA genre. I still feel there are some limitations to the engine as I discussed in another article, however the game is still fun at its core. Whilst my MMR rating is only parked at the 3k mark, I feel I’m doing quite well and look forward to randoming my way through the entire roster of heroes.

While the lanes may be similar, the jungle is quite different.
League of Legends and Dota 2

League of Legends is another popular MOBA and there’s usually shots fired from either camp on occasion about which one is better. I have friends across a large spectrum of gaming so I’ve been spending some time as a summoner when the LoL friends shoot me an invite. Both games are good fun and keep those fingers twitching.


Have you got Destiny on play or some other game starting with D? What is your favourite thing about the game you’ve been playing?  

Let us know in the comments!


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