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What We’ve Been Playing (Christmas In July 2014)

This week, the Non-Fiction Gaming crew has been showing some love to Sony and playing a lot of PlayStation games. With such an expansive library spanning many genres, there is sure to be something that tickles your fancy.


Dead Space 3

James Wilson

I’ve spent my free time playing Dead Space 3 and Strider for the PS3 and PS4. Admittedly I’m only doing so because I managed to pick both games up for nothing via PlayStation’s free games of the month, though I’ve been pleasantly surprised by both games for different reasons.

I originally thought that I wouldn’t like Dead Space just based on its genre, but I am only just realising how much I’ve been missing out as I highly rate this action-horror, space adventure game.

The player takes control of Isaac, the main protagonist of the series, and is once again forced into going after the infamous ‘markers’ that threaten humanity.

The game is instantly terrifying as you explore the wreckage of a crashed ship in the snow, which reduces visibility and adds to the tension as you encounter some not-so-friendly creatures.

The game is also surprisingly good-looking, as coming back from the PS4 I wasn’t expecting much, however floating around in Dead Space 3 looks really cool.

Back off space zombies!
Back off space zombies!

I’m really enjoying the horror elements, and even playing co-op doesn’t take away from the experience. In fact I think that it increases the feeling of helplessness; as you struggle to fight off waves of abominations with your partner in various missions and optional quests in the search for parts and loot.



Strider is also a refreshing experience as I also didn’t think I was much of a side-scroller, however after playing just a few levels from Capcom’s new platforming slasher game I think that I’ll be playing more. Strider, which dates back to the 1980’s, has much of the same arcade feeling as the original, just with updated mechanics and graphics.

It is also a throw-back to the design of the original game as the player looks like the same ninja badass that patrons of the series will remember.

All in all Strider is a fun, fast-paced action game that I was considering purchasing, but got lucky as I snagged it for free.

Colourful ninja killing cyborgs and/or robots? SOLD!
Colourful ninja killing cyborgs and/or robots? SOLD!



Last week I finally managed to track down a physical copy of one of the Saw games. Although based on the events of the films, Saw 2 Flesh and Blood follows hitherto unknown characters. The majority of the game’s eight chapters involve solving several small puzzles in order to free someone from a larger contraption.

The series’ trademark gore is front and centre with many of the torture devices from the movies making appearances. But the true nature of the game is that of a puzzler. While some are really quite devilish and a pleasure to tackle, others are a bit bland. Floor puzzles are used quite a bit and can be more tiring than trying.

Ultimately, though, using Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) to reprise his role in this game is what makes it. “I want to play a game” became the films’ notable quotable and for Zombie Studios to replicate the ominous spirit of the antagonist was a treat.

Ironically, he looks like some kind of hideous puppet in the game
Ironically, he looks like some kind of hideous puppet in the game


Senior Stiv

This week has mostly filled with the same stuff I’ve been playing. I’ve mostly been spending my time playing the new Thief. This is the first game I’ve played in the series and thus far I’m enjoying it. Exploring the City is an absolute blast and stealing every last bit of loot using the games great stealth mechanics makes you feel like a true thief in the night.

Honestly, I feel like I could skip the story though. I don’t care much about what’s happening between Erin and Garrett. I just move it forward so I can progress Garrett’s skills and equipment, as well as opening up more of the City to explore. Also, every side mission and side storyline are much more entertaining.

Some kind of joke about Batman…

Other than that I’ll be diving into the Destiny Beta this weekend. I may disappear for a little while.


Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen

Wilson Tang

I’ve been casually playing League of Legends and have been on and off ever since I started. I’ve also been playing some NeoTokyo (a popular Half-life 2 mod created 5 years ago) lately which recently released. It’s some mindless fun and it helps me get away from the MOBA scene.

There are recent games which I have been contemplating buying and playing ever since they released earlier this year. But being a college student I have to manage my money carefully.

I’ve also downloaded Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, And I’m happy to breathe life into my PSVita once more, as it has been wedged between boxes in my room cold and neglected. It’s your standard ninja fair, running about and diving from roof top to roof top, but I also like how cliché the story is turning out to be. The gadgets and gear you acquire are fun to use as well as the rag doll physics present in this game which provide a comedic aspect to the gameplay. The combat could have uses with a bit of tweaking.

Although I’m sure face explosions make up for it


Saints Row IV


I finished playing Saints Row IV and the two DLC packs (‘Enter the Dominatrix’ and ‘How the Saints Saved Christmas’) and have already started playing again as a female character. I would say it’s probably easier than Saint Row the Third but it is still a blast to play and gets a massive recommendation from me.

However, lately I have found myself playing Burrito Bison whenever I’m supposed to be doing important things (like writing these paragraphs). It’s a free flash game you can play here and… well just read the comic below for the description…


That was more or less my experience with the game. Enjoy!

What games have you been playing? Have you found yourself dangerously addicted to flash games? Let us know in the comments!

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