How Competitive Battling Ruined Pokemon

I played Pokemon competitively for quite a while. Whether it was over Wi-Fi or simulators, I just couldn't get enough. As with all things, it came to an end.

OPL Season Begins This Month & New Grand Final Venue

Riot Games Oceania has revealed changes to the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) for 2016 including a new venue for the Grand Final.

Interview With Tim ‘Carbon’ Wendel: Jungler for Legacy eSports

Unfortunately the Aussie talent wasn't able to bring home a prize. No matter, we got to ask some questions of Tim 'Carbon' Wendel the Jungler for Legacy eSports.

IWCA Melbourne Kicks Off League of Legends Fever at Margaret Court Arena

Margaret Court Arena hosts the League of Legends International Wild Card Allstars (IWCA) this week and will open its doors to ticket holders today and tomor

Rocket League, SMITE, and Halo 5 Tournaments Confirmed for PAX Aus

Halo 5 and Rocket League have smashed into the debut of the PAX Aus ESL Arena, and will be delivering some serious eSport and shooter action all weekend

Oceania All-Stars Lineup for the League of Legends IWCA

he 2015 Oceanic All-Stars team that will compete at the League of Legends International Wild Card All-Stars has been announced.

All You Need To Know About The 2015 World Championship Group Stage

After breaking through the Playoffs and Regional Qualifiers, the top 16 League of Legends teams from around the globe are set to compete in the 2015 World Championship.

EU LCS Casters Coming To Melbourne To Present IWCA

Riot Games is gearing up for the International Wild Card All-Stars (IWCA) by announcing that the renowned European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS) casting team is heading to Melbourne

Poll of the Week: Which eSport Do You Prefer?

What's you're favourite eSports genre and why? You should probably go ahead and tell us which game you like as well.

Poll of the Week: Should Gambling Have a Place in eSports?

Gambling websites are expanding their reach into the gamer space by providing odds and betting opportunities on big eSports tournaments across multiple games.