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Poll of the Week: Which eSport Do You Prefer?


Just like traditional sports, eSports come in all shapes and flavours to suit your competitive need. eSports attracts a range of gamers from across the spectrum to cheer for their favourite teams and who usually aren’t afraid to be an armchair coach from the safety of Twitch chat.

We haven’t even covered all the choices available, so if we don’t have your genre, pick Other and then tell us about your favourite esport in the comments. Maybe you’re a fan of Hearthstone, or think World of Tanks is the unsung hero of the eSports world.

Maybe you’re still really into competitive Candy Crush? How will we know until you tell us!


Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBAs)

Also known as Action real-time strategy, or “That Dota game” started with humble beginings as a custom map for StarCraft and eventually Warcraft 3. From there it has grown massive with League of Legends and DotA 2 currently dominating the space.

Real Time Strategy

What used to be a massive eSports arm, the RTS light has diminished somewhat in recent years. The big game to keep an eye on here is of course StarCraft II. Since 2012 Blizzard has been maintaining the StarCraft II World Championship Series.

Though not nearly as popular Age of Empires should get a small mention here as it has made a few appearances in the World Cyber Games.

First Person Shooter

Fast paced and relentless, the FPS genre has been going strong since the early Doom and Quake days back in the 90s. The sport has evolved into Valve’s Counter Strike Go and Call of Duty.

Fighting Games

Fighting games were among the earliest games to be played in professional tournaments, with the founding of what would become the Evolution Championship Series in 1995. Instead of keeping the combatants separate, competitive fighting game tournaments usually have the players using the same machine.

Street Fighter and Marvel Vs Capcom harken back to their old arcade days but have transitioned to consoles well with arcade stick peripherals. Super Smash Bros is a newer community but a large one with games being played across


Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

What’s you’re favourite eSports genre and why? You should probably go ahead and tell us which game you like as I know League of Legends and DotA fans don’t like to be lumped in together.

Remember boys and girls, this is an opinion poll. Stay civilised when discussing the finer points of your gaming experience.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a Poll, let us know in the comments. As we’re just finding out feet with this we’d love some input!

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