Life Takes GSL Season 4!

Arguably the most competitive season to date, the GSL Season 4 (Global StarCraft II League) has concluded in a huge upset with the first time GSL player, StarTale Lee 'Life' Seung Hyun, taking the series from the seasoned pro, Jung  'MVP' Jong-Hyun. Life at only 15 years of age has become the first player in the history of the GSL to take out the grand...

DreamHoN: Destination DreamHack

Time is running out to register for the DreamHoN: Destination Dreamhack tournament. Registrations will close 2nd of October for DreamHoN: Destination Dreamhack with the single elimination round to being on the 6th of October. DreamHoN: Redemption wraps up with Complexity Gaming taking away the winning place but the Heroes of Newerth competitive scene isn't going away just yet. S2 Games is...

European Masters Series – Street Fighter 25th Anniversary

As part of the year-long celebration to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Street Fighter series Capcom has announced the first ever official European fighting games tournament featuring solely titles from this iconic series. Taking place during Paris Games Week (October 31-November 4), The European Masters will provide a stage for the best fighting game players from across Europe to...

SOE Live Announces Games and Prizes

I’m not intensely in on the eSport’s scene, but as I continue digging around for interesting stories the more I find my original stereotypes of the scene being broken. The upcoming SOE Live has broken my view of first-person shooters and strategy games that seem to fill the eSports world. Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has lot in store for their...

Inner’s Competitive StarCraft II Update

Yeah yeah yeah, I may have been on an extended break, after writing… 3 articles… However, I know you have all missed me and the StarCraft II competitive scene. I expected nothing less. Global StarCraft II League (GSL) Boy, has it been a good few months for StarCraft II. The Global StarCraft II League (GSL) has played through the entire of season...

Electronic Sports League Expands To Eastern Europe

Since eSports began in 1997, leagues have spread their way across the world. Now one of the world’s most notable leagues is looking to spread its influence even further. Europe’s Electronic Sports League (ESL) recently reached out to their Eastern European neighbors in the Baltic States. ESL has teamed up with IT Baltics, a regional IT company which distributes IT...

eSports: which game would you turn pro for?

With the continuing growth of eSports around the globe we thought, "Hey why can't we join in on the squillions of dollars of prize money and fun of playing games for a living?" We posed exactly that question to our staff members, if you could be a pro-gamer, which eSports would you play and why? Daniel: Australia doesn't have the biggest fan-base when...

Red 5 Studios Provides eSports ToolKit For Firefall

There are a plethora of tools shoutcasters can use during competitions, but very few games have provided their own personal set of tools for broadcasters. Red 5 Studios intends on providing such a kit for their new online third-person shooter Firefall. Now, this toolkit is looking to seriously improve a shoutcasters ability to find those action packed moments by providing...

[eSports] War Of The Roses – First US Tournament July 27

Paradox Interactive’s War Of The Roses could inject some refreshing sword fighting combat into the competitive third-person genre.

[StarCraft II] Tt eSports To Sponsor World Chamionship UK

Tt eSPORTS has announced it will sponsor Blizzard's StarCraft II World Chamionship Series United Kingdom Nationals, taking place in London on June 30th and July 1st.