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Our 2015 Oceanic Pro League Grand Final Champions

OPL League

Slit 2 of the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League come to a head on Saturday with an exciting, if one-sided, Grand Final at Luna Park.

The match pitted the best Australian teams Chiefs and Legacy in a best of five final to see who would represent Oceania at the International Wildcard Qualifier in Turkey later this month. The Chiefs hadn’t been able to beat legacy in a best of series leading up to this event, with Legacy winning their past 2 encounters in the finals.

The crowd and the analysts were confident in the Chiefs ability to bring home the prize and The Chiefs responded by playing brilliantly. Working to their strengths and dominating the map with ward control the Chiefs were able to secure games 1 and 2 in short order. You can watch the game in full here.

With the global stage slipping away, Legacy would not go down without a fight, rallying for game 3 to add some excitement and make Chiefs earn their victory. Game 4 was a return to classic Chiefs aggression with some strong picks and map movement securing them the Oceanic Pro League Final 3-1.


”I feel absolutely incredible. I’ve never been more overwhelmed than I was when I hoisted that trophy in front of the crowd,” said Simon ‘Swiffer’ Papamarkos, Chiefs captain and mid-laner. “I knew we had it after Egym set up that game winning play that allowed me to combo their entire team. From there, I knew we had what it took to close it out.”

The Chiefs will now begin their preparations for the International Wildcard Qualifier in Istanbul, Turkey later this month. There they’ll face stiff competition from the Japan, Turkey and South East Asia as they compete for a place at this years World Championships.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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