HyperX and Legacy eSports Issues Challenge to Gamers at PAX AUS 2016

HyperX and Legacy eSports announced they'll be throwing down the gauntlet at PAX AUS 2016 for the chance to win exclusive prizes.

Paladins Oceania Invitational League Starts Tonight

Tonight marks the beginning of a five week Oceanic eSports league for the new team shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm. A Paladins league starts this Monday, to determine two teams who will face off at Hi-Rez Oceania Championships this November at ESL Studios

Aussie OPL eSports Team ‘Dire Wolves’ Gain Majority Investor in Guinevere Capital

Guinevere Capital has acquired the controlling interest in the Dire Wolves, with the plan to level up the team and drive its future success. This is big news for the Aussie eSports scene and the League of Legends OPL in particular. Dire Wolves, sponsored by LG, now has the backing to drive future success on the world stage.

Chiefs Reach For International Glory at the League of Legends IWCQ

The Chiefs, started their International Wild Card Qualifier (IWCQ) campaign in Brazil today in a bid to reach the Worlds series.

The First PlayStation 4 ‘World of Tanks’ eSports Tournament

Wargaming.net has announced they will hold the first World of Tanks (PS4) eSports Tournament, just six months after the game launched on the PlayStation 4 console.

Rainbow Six Siege – Ubisoft Announces First Aussie ESL Tournament

Ubisoft announced that it is partnering with the ESL for the first ever Australian Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege tournament for PC and Xbox One.

League of Legends Joins Aussie Unigames… Are Scholarships Next?

When Australian University Sport pairs up with Riot Games to offer League of Legends as part of UniGames the nerd inside rejoices.

HOYTS Showing More League of Legends Games In 2016

HOYTS is teaming up with Riot to offer more Oceanic Pro League (OPL) viewing parties for 2016.

How Competitive Battling Ruined Pokemon

I played Pokemon competitively for quite a while. Whether it was over Wi-Fi or simulators, I just couldn't get enough. As with all things, it came to an end.

OPL Season Begins This Month & New Grand Final Venue

Riot Games Oceania has revealed changes to the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL) for 2016 including a new venue for the Grand Final.