Poll of the Week: What Do You Think Of Fallout 4?

Bethesda games are a lot more than just graphics: Huge worlds, thousands of objects with their own physics, hundreds of NPCs to interact with, lots of interiors, etc... While those aspects have been common in all Bethesda games, Fallout 4 introduces a lot of new features: Seamless transition between in and outdoors, massive customization options (you can even build your...

Poll of the Week: Sci-fi vs Fantasy Games

Sci-fi vs Fantasy Games, Do you prefer Aliens and gadgets that are powered by science or the Dragons and artefacts powered by magic?

Poll of the Week: Do You Prefer AAA Games or Indie Titles?

There's just something about a AAA Game that gets the blood pumping, on the other hand an indie game can often take risks the big publishers can't.

Poll of the Week: Who Are The Best Gaming Duo?

There's Mario and Green Mario but that brings nothing to the table, Banjo, Ratchet and Jak wouldn't be much without their Kazooie, Clank, and Daxter.

Poll of the Week: Which eSport Do You Prefer?

What's you're favourite eSports genre and why? You should probably go ahead and tell us which game you like as well.

Poll of the Week: Should Gambling Have a Place in eSports?

Gambling websites are expanding their reach into the gamer space by providing odds and betting opportunities on big eSports tournaments across multiple games.

Poll of the Week: The Best NFC Game Figurines?

These NFC toys-to-life games, while fun, can be a major drain on the wallet. A report found that in the last six months, parents have spent $131 on average.

Poll of the Week: Who Makes the Best Gaming Peripherals?

Whether it's headsets, keyboards, mice or microphones, gamers love to customize their PC gaming experience. We ask who makes the better gaming peripherals?

Poll of the Week: Your Favourite Gaming Console?

The battle between Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony fans has been going on forever and we aren't here to claim that one objectively better than another. What we want to know is, Which of the current gen gaming consoles do you prefer.

Poll of the Week: What is Your Go To Gaming Snack?

What is your go to gaming snack to keep your energy levels up during a marathon gaming session? We'd love to know if you've got an awesome recipe.