White Noise 2 Early Access Review

A new approach to horror multiplayer but a welcome one. White Noise 2 delivers in early access.   White Noise 2 is an asymmetrical multiplayer that pits a team of four investigators against one hellish ghoul. It incorporates many horror elements in trying to create a spooky and tense environment. Milkstone studios have done some great work, seeing as they only...

INSIDE Review – Haunting Puzzle Platforming and Eerie Humour

From the creators of Limbo, INSIDE offers more colour in the environment to catch your attention and guide your actions to secret solutions.

Highlights of the New ‘Madman Anime Festival’ in Melbourne

If you’re an anime fan, love cosplay or just need an outlet to vent, then next year do yourself a favour and get down to the Madman Anime Festival.

Paragon: A New MOBA Contender?

Paragon is the first console-based MOBA to show the sort of addictiveness characterise of the genre. PS+ users, get it now.

Dead by Daylight is a Good Horror Game and a Great Multiplayer

Dead by Daylight is a new entry into the horror genre, and a unique take on competing against one another. It is a good horror game and a great multiplayer.

How ‘Among the Sleep’ Perfectly Blends Storytelling with Horror

Among the Sleep is a somewhat young entry into the horror genre. It puts the players in the booties of a toddler and does a great job of engaging the player.

Darkest Dungeon Review

Two years of this. After my recent run through the Darkest Dungeon this achievement appeared in my list. Two game years mind you. After sending countless heroes to risk their lives, (and sometimes their demise) we have still yet to reach the Darkest Dungeon. Sweeping through coves and ruins, defeating horrible monstrosities and nearly losing our sanity to only be so far...

Overwatch: A Triumph

Overwatch takes lessons from popular FPS games but Blizzard's experience in team-based RPG games shines through. What Makes Overwatch so Good?

Star Fox Zero – Do A Barrel Review!

Star Fox Zero is an old dog's attempt at staying relevant in a brave new world. We take a look at the successes and pitfalls to see how it measures up.

Pokken Tournament Mixes Pokémon and Tekken with a Twist

Nintendo's Pokken Tournament is like salted caramel. A mixture of two very different things that, somehow, works. But it has the danger of being an acquired taste.