Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-Torture Chairs

You're not quite finished with Tannis, yet. It seems she's lost more echos around Sanctuary as well. I doubt Tannis can keep track of anything at this point. Despite the fact it says this quest is beyond your level, you're simply looking for ECHOs again so this shouldn't be much of a challenge for you. ECHO #1 You can find the...

7 Tips and Resources For New Dungeon Masters

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Dungeons & Dragons is cool now! What was simmering under the surface of nerd culture has bubbled to the top. Time to step up Dungeon Master!

Where Angels Fear To Tread (Second Part)

Where Angels Fear To Tread - Borderlands 2 Guide You've done it. You finally have the Vault Key. Speak with Roland to start making plans to take out Handsome Jack. But, just as Roland is wrapping up the plan, Handsome Jack warps behind Roland and shoots him in the back. Just as you're trying to pull yourself together from this...

The Once and Future Slab

Borderlands 2 Guide - The Once and Future Slab You'll receive this mission immediately after turning in the Wildlife Preservation quest. Roland needs you to deliver a note to an old friend of his named the Slab King. The Slab King was a part of the Crimson Raiders up until he and Roland began having philosophical differences on how to...

Hero Line Wars Starlight – Hero Build Guides

Hero Line Wars Starlight is a custom Arcade Star Craft 2 Map from Tya. Here are some basic build guides to get started.

Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Train To Catch Pt.1

We've settled every bit of unfinished business thus far. Time to get back to business and take out Jack. With Roland back it's time to take the fight to Hyperion and deal a few blows for the Crimson Raiders. Roland points you in the direction of Tundra Express to meet his man watching the area. He warns you his...

Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Claptrap’s Secret Stash

Before you go searching for Roland, you may want to get better acquainted with the town of Sanctuary and its citizens. Many of them will be old friends from the last game and none of them have lost their touch. These next few posts will revolve around these quests. You'll want to be as prepared as you can before...

Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest-You Are Cordially Invited: RSVP

Back to the Borderlands 2 Guide With her friends now safely at the party it's now time to invite the guest of honor. The man's name is Flesh-Stick. I know it's suggestive to say the least, but Tina is placing him at the head of the table for this party. And he isn't exactly the friendliest individual either. You'll find him...

Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – No Vacancy

Before you run off to save Roland there's a little bit of unfinished business in Three Horns Valley. The Happy Pig Motel is located in the center of the valley and has been abandoned for some time. Head toward the defunct bounty board nearby and pick up the ECHO recorder. The bloody screams of the townsman left on the...

Borderlands 2 Guide: Side Quest – Medical Mystery

Time to do another favor for Dr. Zed. Some of his patients have been showing up with odd bullet wounds that were not made by bullets. He suspects it may be an old rival of his, Dr. Mercy. Don’t let the name fool you. Dr. Mercy is anything, but merciful, yet still has more medical credentials than our good...