Find the North Scarecrow in Ashen Reaches – Sea of Thieves

North Scarecrow Ashen Reaches

In this guide, Sheriff Dann shows you where to find the North Scarecrow on the island, Ashen Reaches.

Ashen Reaches is a Large Island in The Devil’s Roar. The island is oblong in shape, with a volcano on the south-east side.

Here’s the Gold Hoarder riddle we got:

A path revealed with shanty’s sound, but first the overgrown giant backbone to the East must be found

At the scarecrow looking out to South east Seas ye are almost there, 10 paces South West dig treasure bare


AShen Reaches Scarecrow

At the North scarecrow…

Ashen Reaches Scarecrow
Ashen Reaches Scarecrow

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