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The Brigmore Witches DLC Review

Daud is back in the latest Dishonored DLC, The Brigmore Witches

the brigmore witches Dishonored

With the Knife of Dunwall DLC we got our first chance to look behind the eyes of the notorious assassin, Daud. The new adventure gave a glimpse into his struggling morality (which wasn’t much of a struggle since you’re making the decisions), some new and tweaked powers and a host of new locations in Dunwall to explore. In the end the DLC was great and brought us more Dishonored, but it wasn’t a landmark DLC with additions that overshadowed its main game. And with the second DLC of Daud’s adventure, The Brigmore Witches, players will walk away with the same exact feeling.

The Brigmore Witches, picks up immediately where The Knife of Dunwall left off. Daud is still in search of the artist turned witch, Delilah, but every question about her is answered. The only thing left to do is to hunt her down. However, Daud won’t be going through Dunwall’s elite to reach her. Instead, Daud needs to go through one of the city’s local gang leaders, Lizzy Stride. And from there the game unfolds with the usual grim decision-making leading to your ultimate fate: Daud’s showdown with Corvo. Depending on the chaos level you finished with in The Knife of Dunwall determines whether or not Daud dies or lives by Corvo’s hand.

the brigmore witches Dishonored


Along with your moral decisions, the powers, upgrades and runes you collected will also transfer over if you played the The Knife of DunwallIf you were looking to max out any of those powers, The Brigmore Witches gives you even more time to do so. There isn’t much in the way of new things, but what is available offers a nice layer of convenience to Dishonored’s gameplay. Pull allows players to grab items in hard to reach places. In one section I was able to grab a rune in a room filled with weepers, without even making them aware of my presence.

New areas offer more of Dunwall’s grim beauty and some lose the grim to offer some lush landscapes. The DLC’s third area, Brigmore Manor, brings you to Delilah’s stronghold and her witches have been tending a very lovely garden. Streams of sunlight come through the trees and water sparkles clear and pristine. The manor seems untouched from all of Dunwalls woes, even though it hasn’t been spared from its own.

the brigmore witches Dishonored


Unfortunately, while The Brigmore Witches, much like The Knife of Dunwall, offered some cool new additions to Dishonored, many of the same problems follow over from the previous title. Daud’s personal journey still fails to be interesting. There is no real sense of conflict to the character any more without the empress in the picture. The showdown between him and Corvo definitely offers some conflict to him, but not enough to feel concerned about Daud’s fate.

The Brigmore Witches Overall

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The Brigmore Witches, follows in the same footsteps as The Knife of Dunwall, in nearly every aspect. Once again it wins out by offering us more of Dishonored. Great new weapons and powers, exploring more of Dunwall’s districts and plenty of lore for those who want to know more about the empire. But, once again Daud’s own story, while effective at times, still comes up short in delivering anything interesting about the character. So, I’ll conclude the same way I did my The Knife of Dunwall review: this is a worthwhile DLC, especially if you want some more Dishonored in your life.

 The Brigmore Witches, The Knife of Dunwall and Dunwall City Trials are all DLC for Bethesda’s Dishonored.



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