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The Once and Future Slab

Borderlands 2 Guide – The Once and Future Slab

The Once and Future Slab

You’ll receive this mission immediately after turning in the Wildlife Preservation quest. Roland needs you to deliver a note to an old friend of his named the Slab King. The Slab King was a part of the Crimson Raiders up until he and Roland began having philosophical differences on how to interrogate Hyperion soldiers. Lets just say his methods were much more extreme. But, given the circumstances you’re going to need his help to get into Angels central core.

First, you’ll need to find Thousand Cuts where the Slab King is currently residing. Warp to the Highlands-Hyperion Bridge area and grab a vehicle from the nearby Catch-A-Ride. Head east up the trail near the fast travel station and you’ll find the entrance to Thousand Cuts. Roland comes over the ECHO to point out where Angel is located. If the Slab King is willing to help breaking in shouldn’t be a problem. For the moment just focus on reaching the Slab King. Unfortunately, as soon as you enter Slab Town the Slabs take you for an intruder and open fire. Start shooting back against the healthy mix of every bandit type and keep fighting your way north through the town. Keep an eye out for buzzards as well.

The Once and Future Slab []

You’ll eventually cross over a small makeshift bridge into a new section of town. There are plenty of goliaths here so make sure to kill them as quickly as possible before they go into their rage mode. Or use the rage mode to have them start attacking their own men. The Slab King comes over the ECHO thinking you’re a Hyperion assassin only to realize, well, you aren’t. But the attacks won’t stop after this discovery. Instead he’ll take you as a new recruit and decides to put you through the ringer to see if you’re worthy of joining the gang.

Continue fighting your way east. The Slabs will throw everything they’ve got at you, so be prepared with your top-notch weapons and use your special ability as often as you can. You will eventually come to the entrance of the Slab’s hideout, but the front door will be shut and locked. Climb the set of stairs to your left to reach the inside. Loot the ammo chests and lockers for some extra ammo and cash before heading in side.

The Once and Future Slab []

When you reach the top of the stairs there will be an opening to drop down into the Slab King’s “throne room”. Your initiation is far from over. The Slab King will throw several waves of enemies at you. The first will feature several marauders, brutes and badass marauders. Stay on the move and use cover when you can. Trust me there will be plenty of cover in this area so use it to your full advantage if things get overwhelming. The next wave will have several goliaths and psycho midgets. Take out the psycho midgets so you can maintain all of your focus on the goliaths.

When you’ve wiped out every last badass, the Slab King offers his approval and reveals his true identity. Its everyone’sĀ favorite berserker, Brick. After the congratulations, hand the note to him. Despite their past disagreements Brick is more than happy to help infiltrate the bunker with the Crimson Raiders. But, this fight is far from over.

The Once and Future Slab []

As Brick leads you to the door, Jack comes over the ECHO to announce he’s going to mortar Slab Town to take care of both you and the Slabs. Follow Brick through the door and help him fend off the Hyperion loaders. Hyperion is using targeting beacons to guide their mortars, meaning you’re going to need to destroy them to stop the assault. You’ll find the first not far from the Slab hideout. Watch out for the red targeting circles on the ground. These circles represent where the mortars will fall, so avoid them to prevent heavy damage.

The beacons are surrounded by shields, but Brick will make short work of them. Once the shields are down fire away until the beacons are destroyed. Afterwards you’ll need to contend with some Hyperion bots before moving on to the next one. After destroying the second beacon you’ll be introduced to a new type of loader, the ION loader. These bots will create a shield for the other loaders to hide behind. Take them out before they can put up a shield. If they already have it up then head into the shield and take them out.

The Once and Future Slab []

After the third beacon is taken out, your job is complete. Head back to Sanctuary and talk to Roland about your reward, as well as the next step in infiltrating Angel’s bunker.

The Once and Future Slab REWARD:

Money: $86

Items: random rocket launcher or random shield.

Experience: 5789



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