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Destiny Beta Impressions


devil's lair boneroom

There I was taking on wave after wave of Fallen and Hive with two other fellow Guardians waiting for our Ghost to take down the security lasers blocking the exit out of the refinery room. We were working in tandem beautifully, taking out enemies and quickly reviving one another in a timely manner when one of us went down.

The Ghost finally takes down all of the mesh layers and we work through the Devils Lair reaching the Fallen Walker fight, one of the best fight in the mission. Then my screen cuts out on me.

I panic for a moment fearing a sudden network disconnection tearing me from my teammates mid game. Thankfully, my PS4 home screen comes back up and I attempted to log back into the Destiny Beta only to be met with ‘Your mission in the Destiny Beta is complete. Your next adventure begins on September 9th, with the official launch of Destiny.

This was the way my time with the Destiny Beta ended and it left me wanting more. The beta was still able to give players a much better idea of what is to come from the full Destiny. Here’s a run down of everything the beta had to offer.

old russia story missions


More Story

The Destiny Alpha offered very little in the way of story. The level three story we were offered only gave us the smallest hint as to what was happening in the world of Destiny.

The Destiny Beta fleshed out more of the story and gave us some idea of where it’s going. After players create their character they’re even treated to a beginning cutscene to see how humankind came in contact with the Traveler and spread out into the solar system before the Darkness pushed us back.

After said cutscene ends another in-game scene starts with the player’s Ghost searching for their character out among the wreckage of Old Russia. Throughout this level and the four other story missions offered, players are given an idea of how close the Darkness is to reaching Earth and the last City. Also, how the Guardians find a way to explore more of the solar system.

Some elements are still fairly mysterious within the story, but the Destiny Beta has given players a greater idea of the conflict between the Darkness and the Guardians, as well as who the Darkness, the Traveler and the Guardians all are.

Destiny Beta_20140726173832


Exploring the Moon and the Iron Banner

Over the nearly ten days the Destiny Beta took place, Bungie offered up several small stints in which players were granted access to some expansions to both the campaign and competitive gameplay. The first weekend Bungie gave players access to the Iron Banner, competitive mode for high level guardians to face off against each other.

The game mode offers a challenge everyone involved. You need to bring your best character and your best weapons to fight to last in this competition. Players were able to also get access to some legendary armor and weapons if they participated enough in the Iron Banner.

Probably the most exciting bit Bungie showed off in the last weekend of the beta. Players were able to explore beyond Earth with a trip to the Moon. Unfortunately, I missed out on the event, but talking with another player online, he told me they were able to play through a new story mission and explore the entire area of the Moon.

It seems enemy wise the main enemy types you’ll find on the Moon are the Hive. Players have already been introduced on Earth, but a more advanced Hive type made an appearance: the Reaper. The Reaper looks very much like the Fallen’s spherical Servitors, but covered in spikes and extremely fast.

The Moon’s area is also incredibly large both above and below ground. The Moon caverns go deep. Really deep. With this much to explore I can’t to see what we find on Venus and Mars when the full game releases.


Destiny Beta Final Thoughts

The Destiny Beta further cements the game’s proof of concept. The gameplay and mechanics all ran smoothly and I ran into very few server issues, other than the last day of the beta which were rather numerous.

Hopefully, Bungie will smooth them out over the weeks before the games full release on September 9. My time left me wanting more, but only because I enjoyed it that much.


Destiny is set for a September 9th release this year on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.
Destiny is currently available for pre-order ($59.99).

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