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Wildlife Preservation Pt. 1

Sanctuary: Wildlife Preservation Pt. 1

wildlife preservation

You’ll receive this mission from Roland not long after Sanctuary is situated in its new location. As you and the Vault Hunters plan your next move, Angel’s digital image appears on the map monitor. Despite her earlier betrayal she still wants to help you guys bring down Handsome Jack by giving you the real location of the Vault Key. And more importantly it’s with her, leaving you little choice other than working with her.

Fast travel to the Hyperion Bridge location in the Highlands and head north. You’ll come to the entrance of the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve (jolly name isn’t it?). As soon as you enter Roland will come over the ECHO and inform you of the location of the Claptrap upgrade. He also informs you, Mordecai is in the area, so visit him before you go any further. Mordecai has perched himself in the stone spire at the entrance of the perserve. Turns out in Tundra Express Mordecai and Blood Wing were ambushed with Hyperion kidnapping Bloodwing in the process. Now you’ll need to find Bloodwing as well before this is over.

hyperion facility[]

Continue heading east to reach the actual facility entrance. A few GUN loaders will be patrolling the area. Destroy them then head to the gate and hit the switch. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. Your attempt to access the area is unauthorized so the facility unleashes a slew of loaders. Mordecai suggests wounding the loaders so they can call for reinforcements, forcing Hyperion to open the gate. Get three loaders down their lowest possible health without killing them and the gates will open. Handle the reinforcements and remaining loaders then head inside.

A mix of Hyperion soldiers and loaders will attack as you push through the facility. Be careful with the new PWR loaders as their spinning arms reflect your shots back at you. Continue until you come to a bridge over looking some skags. Hop down and fend off the skags to continue on your way. Climb the pipe leading into a small abandoned facility to get out of the pit. Jack will come over the ECHO to taunt you, but continue deeper into the preserve.

abandoned facility[]

Stepping out from the abandoned building you’ll come to a clearing filled with rakks, skags and stalkers. As you’re fighting Tannis will come in and ask that you pick up some slag samples to understand the experiments happening here. It’s optional, but if you’re interested keep an eye out these samples. Tannis will need ten of them.

Battle your way through the nasty beasts and you come to the entrance of the holding cells building. Now the search is on for Bloodwing and the Claptrap upgrade, which we’ll cover in the next installment.

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