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Pokemon Origins TV Show Announced

A new Pokemon TV show that follows the story of the first Pokemon games Red, Green & Blue.

Pokemon Origins or Pokemon The Origins has been announced as the next anime show, this time following the story of Pokemon trainers Red and Green from the original Gameboy games.

pokemon origins
Hydro Pump?

We have all played the original Pokemon games (Red/Green/Blue), and we’ve all noticed the differences between both the video game and the show. The game was centered around being the strongest, becoming the champion, letting no one stand in your way (not even those Youngsters or Bug Catchers.); the show, however, was about friendship and seemingly never growing up (not counting the fan theories on Ash’s coma).

pokemon origins
Red and Green true rivals, but where is Blue?

Fans of the games including myself saw a lot of differences between Pokemon Red/Blue and the show, easily overlooked at the time but what if there was another side to the story? This time it will be Red not Ash, starting with his trusty Charmander to go on a quest to become a Pokemon master and Catch Em All.

Pokemon Origins Trailer

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On October 2, 2013, Pokemon The Origins will air in Japan. The show will follow the game, allowing the viewers to follow Red on his journey, both Green, Blue and Brock have been seen in the preview.

pokemon origins
A tough battle for Charmander

Pokemon Origins was announced during the Pokémon Game Show overseas, this brand new anime special will run to coincide with Pokemon XY.

pokemon originspokemon origins pokemon originspokemon origins



Pokemon X and Y are now available for pre-order through Amazon (NTSC $39.96).

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
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