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Borderlands 2 Guide: Best Mother’s Day Ever

taggarts lock box

At the end of the Stalker of Stalkers mission one of the remaining stalkers you kill will drop a lock box belonging to the hunter, Taggart. Taggart left a message for his mother telling her he had an amazing gift for Mother’s Day to give her, but given he has been eaten by Henry she never go the gift. It yours for the taking in Best Mother’s Day Ever.



Unfortunately, the gift is still in Henry’s lair and you’ll need Taggart’s fist to open the chest. Head to the Highlands then to Hunter’s Bane which is right outside of the town of Overlook. There you’ll find Henry’s lair, but first you’ll need to take out six of his stalker minions before you face off with him. When they go down Henry will make his appearance. Use a shock weapon to take out his shields. Be warned, however, because he can recharge them in an instant as soon as he starts taking some actual damage.

taggart's chest []

He’ll perch up high on the surrounding rocks out of site and let his stalker brood attack you. Fight them off and continue to chip away at Henry’s health until he dies. Collect Taggart’s fist from the ground and use it to open the chest in the center of Henry’s lair and take your reward.

Best Mother’s Day Ever ¬†REWARD:

Item: Love Thumper shield

Experience: 3208



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