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Borderlands 2 Guide: Shoot This Guy In The Face

face mcshooty

This will be the easiest mission you will ever have to complete in Borderlands 2. And all you have to do is right in the title of the quest.

Head to Thousand Cuts and head towards Broke Face Bridge and on a nearby ledge you will see psycho muttering to himself. I know they usually do, but he isn’t out to kill you. Talk to Face McShooty, who demands to be shot in the face. Enjoy his psychotic ramblings until you’re ready shoot him. Use any weapon you wish to shoot this guy in the face. Make sure it’s in the face; he won’t receive any damage on other parts of his body. ┬áHe’ll thank you kindly for doing so.

Check his corpse for your reward.

Shoot This Guy In The Face REWARD:

Money: $2,428

Experience: 385



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