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Video Game Features We Need In Real Life Part 1

video game

So I was playing a new video game the other day, (Yeah, I play a lot of video games big freaking revelation there) and in playing it I began thinking about certain staples that most video games have in some capacity and how unreasonably amazing it would be to have them in our day-to-day lives.

Here are a few I feel unquestionably need some real life application.

 Save Points

video game
I pity the fool, who doesn’t save regularly

Save points, Can you imagine save points…?!

Well first I’d like to clarify what save points are for those out there not in the know. A save point allows the gamer to save his game at a pre-determined point in some cases and whenever they feel inclined to in others.

This save point then allows the gamer to pop back in time to the place that they had “Saved”. I think this one truly speaks for itself as being the Holy Grail of awesome real life applications. I mean really, think about it, you get unlimited life do-overs.

Make an ass out of yourself, BAM do-over!

Get hurt in some sort of accident, BAM do-over!

You’ve just had the best day of your life, BAM do-over!

Personally I’m hard pressed to find and sort of negative involved in this one. The only real negative I see with it and I’m sure there are many out there who would disagree, is that the mistakes and lessons you learn in life really don’t have the same impact if you never truly fail.

The strength of a person’s character is reflected in what they have had to overcome, and as such I feel that a person who has the ability to “Save” at any given point and jump back to that point will be weaker for it and find themselves having to relearn many life lessons.

Heads Up Display (HUD) 

video game
Sensors activate… Locating Washroom…

Now this is one that I genuinely feel that one day we as humans may actually have. So for those of you out there unaware of what a HUD is, it is the Heads Up Display that allows the gamer to see things that are a part of the game that a normal person in real life would never be able to see. Examples are things like a mini map that shows you where you are at any given point, or a rough accounting of your inventory, really just a bunch of useful information you can see at any given point.

Now lets look at this with some real life applications, well inventory is an easy one, how amazing would it be to just be able to visually see the amount of change in your pocket. Such a small thing, but freaking amazing none the less.

Personally I think the HUD feature I would love most is objective arrows. I’m looking for baby wipes in Walmart, boom pops up our happy little objective marker sending me off to aisle three, combine that with my mini map functions and the day-to-day possibilities are endless.

Video Games
The distractions will also be endless

The reason I feel that this is something that we may actually see in our life times, is that it is already here to an extent. Most people have little smart phones in their pockets that tell you where you are, where to find things, how much money you have in your bank and where the best weapons are in case fo zombie apocalypse.

Incorporate that with other technology like cybernetic eyes they are developing for the blind and poof like that, we have real life HUD’s.

Extra Lives

video game

Well this one to me seems like it needs little to no explanation. Extra lives are for when you die, you come back with one less Extra life, you accumulate more “Lives” through various means, but when you run out, well its game over.

I certainly see quite a few positives to this one, wouldn’t it be nice to not have to fear death? To out run the reaper so it were? Think of how much further you would push yourself, to do things you would never do, to experience life with a little less consequence would be a truly freeing thing.

Video Games
Get a life!

My only curiosity would be how would we accumulate more? Graduated high school, extra life? Or would it be something more tedious (Although many would say that high school was pretty tedious) like you have to collect 400,000 tooth picks to get one free life.

Personally for me, I’m hoping its hours playing video games, because then I got that in the bag, yo.

Honorable Mention: Portal Gun

video game
There is no singular game in existence that having one of these wouldn’t make better, personally I’m hoping Madden get the update…

I put this one as an honorable mention because it really isn’t a staple of video games, it’s just something I really want.

A portal gun… Yeah I said it, a portal gun, it would be just too much fun not too have one. Check out Part 2 here.

If you could take something from the video game world and bring it to real life, what would it be? Perhaps giant beams of golden light on your birthday, Ding!

Let us know in the comments below.



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