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Borderlands 2 Guide: Main Quest-A Train To Catch Pt.1

roland balcony

We’ve settled every bit of unfinished business thus far. Time to get back to business and take out Jack. With Roland back it’s time to take the fight to Hyperion and deal a few blows for the Crimson Raiders. Roland points you in the direction of Tundra Express to meet his man watching the area. He warns you his friend has taken to the bottle and there is a good chance you’ll find him passed out or hungover. You’re going to need to find a way to wake him up.

mordecai bloodwing[]

Head over to Tundra Express and walk in to the clearing not far from the entrance. Roland suggests setting a few varkids on fire to get his attention. Find a varkid nest (there are three in the clearing), pull out an incendiary weapon and start lighting the nasty little critters on fire. You’ll need to get three of them burning and screeching at the same time. If there are some firemelons near by try to wrangle three varkids up and lead them close to one of the plants. When they’re all in range of the plant shoot it to set all of them ablaze. It seems the dear old friend is our favorite sniper Mordecai. And let’s not forget about his pet Bloodwing.

Tiny Tina[]

He informs you he knows a way of stopping the train, it’s just simple matter of acquiring some explosives. Roland suggests a young girl who goes by the name of Tiny Tina who may be able to provide you with the deadly explosives. She’s hidden away, north, underneath Mordecai’s sniper roost. You’ll find the entrance to her workshop also on the north side of the roost. As you enter the room you find the 13-year-old girl blowing up a bandit. Tina is a rather odd little girl to say the least, but as Roland puts it, she’s the most capable bomb maker on Pandora. She’ll be instrumental in stopping this train.

bandit fortress[]

Tina brings you over to the workbench to show off the wares you’ll be using to blow up the tracks. She explains they’re all put together except for one thing: the actual explosives, or bodonkadonks as Tina puts it. Turns out the nearby bandits were the ones who committed the theft. Start heading southwest and get ready to raid the camp. Things are never easy on Pandora.

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