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What Is Your Gaming Setup?

Gaming Setup

Gamers love to have their own little gaming setup at home. Either a man-cave type deal built around the fundamental idea that only pizza is allowed in to be an interruption, or a woman-cave that is well stocked with bottles of wine to settle into a night of Dragon Age Origins or Medal of Honor Warfighter.

The staff at Non-Fiction Gaming don’t have the biggest, brightest or most tricked out gaming setup, but here is what they come home each day after providing you with the interesting video game articles you’ve come to know and love.

KRS 2:

So it’s time to appease all the voyeurs of the world, is it? VERY WELL!

How do you game?
Not the Duff Beer can on the table… It’s my candy dish.

Keep in mind that while I speak, the room has actually changed since this photo was taken. Just pretend the entertainment unit is where the book shelf and DVD rack are, and vice-versa.

The flat screen is a Samsung Smart TV, with a Philips DVD-player/surround sound system attached for full HD goodness. My PlayStation 3, GameCube and Super Nintendo (not pictured) are ready to use, with a Wii U to join the party next week.

The bookshelf houses my modest graphic novel collection, some picture books and all my video game guides, as well as my Logitech 2.1 speakers form my laptop. All within arm’s reach, of course. I also have a two seater bean bag I lounge on while gaming for the complete experience. Now all I need is a winged-monkey servant and I’m all set!

Senior Stiv

How do you game?
I’ll teabag you back to analogue

So my gaming space isn’t all that amazing, but it definitely does the job. I have a big screen TV, which doesn’t support HD, but it still provides a decent picture and still features all the important HUB information for any game I play. I also have a charger for my Xbox 360 controllers to keep those puppies going and a nice little modem nearby so I can plug into the Internet to do some online gameplay as I wish.

Like I said, nothing fancy, but it has all of the essentials.


Nothing quite compares to a home gaming setup for interactive shenanigans.

gaming setup
Yes my default keyboard glow is purple. So what?

On my fancy new corner desk  you can see my Dell Laptop for gaming/writing on the go, often times using it as a way to check the Live Stream is running smoothly when shout-casting competitive Heroes of Newerth or Starcraft 2. To my right sits my little baby the Samsung Tab 10.1 which I use to scoff at Apple iPad users and their like.

My headphones, keyboard and mouse are from the Logitech Gaming series. Headphones are the G35, Keyboard is the G19 and the mouse is a G700 (which despite being wireless I usually leave wired) and I have not customized nearly enough of the extra buttons to make it a worthwhile investment but they are comfy and the potential is still there. But did I mention the keys can glow purple? What more do I need?

My Xbox is in another castle… or more specifically another room where friends can gather under the soft glow of an aging projector and play Guitar Hero until the drinks run out or our fingers wear off.


gaming setup

I’m a bit nervous explaining my gaming set-up, only because I’ve just moved into a new house and my gaming set-up probably has a high rate of being placed on the, ‘Totally Sucks List’. So far the store room is my gaming space, it’s not exactly the Buckingham of gaming spaces, but it’s only temporary, until I can do donate all of this stuff to charity and gain a little bit more room to begin my interior escapade.

So far by the looks of the picture it’s nothing but an image to make your eyes sore but come the next couple of months I guarantee you it will surely make the ugly duckling transformation, believe it.

Humble Pie

After the summer, my girlfriend and I were lucky enough to move into a new house with the entire top floor to ourselves. We were blessed with two large rooms: one  a bedroom and one miscellaneous room that’s purpose was to be decided.

After countless hours of debate, I won. It is now my games/exercise room.

I have a beanbag chair, small LCD TV and Xbox all lined up against the wall for my entertainment purposes and large stereo system for working out. My room needs some gaming posters for inspiration but overall, it suits my purposes very well.

Steve B

Gaming Setup

What you are looking at is an ASUS Maximus V Gene, running an 8-core Intel core i7, with 16 gig of ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 and a 120 gig SSD. In layman’s terms it means it’s a pretty fucking kick ass rig. I laugh at the ‘medium’ and ‘high’ graphic settings that modern games offer, instead turning it up to ultra where I can, to behold the kind of graphical fidelity that is limited only to people with more money than sense (I really should have replaced my washing machine instead of upgrading my PC…).

It’s sitting on top of a ‘Kotatsu’. I live in Japan and these little tables are a pretty standard living room feature. It has a little heater built into the table, and a blanket to keep the heat in, so in winter I stay nice and toasty while I game. It sounds nice, but having to sit on the floor (even though I have a ‘floor-chair’ which a back) while I game is not doing my back any favours.

The eagle-eyed among you may have spied the Wii and television set in the background. Rest assured, for it’s been playing the role of ‘paper weight’ and ‘dust collector’ for the last year. The Wii was my first foray into home consoles, and will most likely be my last, as the lures of PC gaming are just too great for me to resist.

So, how do you game? Do you have a designated gaming room, littered with consoles and controllers? Or is it a simple set-up of a CRT in front of your office chair? Let us know in the comments below what your gaming setup looks like. Or you can tweet us a picture @nf_gaming

Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


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