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DmC: Devil May Cry Demo Available to Download


If my previous Devil May Cry (DmC) article sent goosebumps down your body and rekindled the fire of excitement for some serious demon hunting, then you’re going to love this: a free demo of Capcom’s DmC is now available for gamers to download.

The demo contains two missions, one containing a normal level play-through, which allows the gamer to familiarise themselves with the controls, sort of like a tutorial. While the other contains a seriously challenging boss fight, which will put everything the gamer has learnt from the previous level to the test. The demo also has multiple difficulty settings, as well as a special mode known as ‘Son of Sparda’, which only becomes available once the demo is completed .

The DmC demo is now available to download from the XBLA and PSN. As for the PC version demo, there has been no press release on a confirmation date.

 What do you think of Dante’s new look in DmC? Let us know in the comments below. If you’ve already had a go at the demo and need to rant or rave about it, hit up our Facebook Page.




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