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Heroes of Newerth: Story of Sins (Predictions)

Seven Sins

With the next story line for Heroes of Newerth to be based around the Seven Deadly Sins.

 What can players expect?

For starters, Seven unique Deadly Sins Avatars will be released over the course of seven weeks, and each of these Collector’s Edition Avatars will be available at limited quantities for standard price.

Once the quantities have been exhausted, these Avatars will assume special Collector’s Edition pricing of 800 Gold (this deal is unavailable for Silver) unlock these exclusive Avatars before they become rare Collector’s items. Players that collect all 7 Deadly Sins Avatars will receive a unique special effect on each of the Deadly Sins Avatars.

What heroes are we going to see in each Sin and what kind of new avatars will they have? Below are my picks and the reasons I’ve chosen them, I would love to hear what you have to think in the comments.

To combat the Four Horsemen of the apocolypse, the Legion constructed heroes from metal as the horsemen only had power over life.

From the Heroes of Newerth Story Forum we see a glimpse of these virtues that may fight back against the Sins:

“There were seven great Virtues that man once upheld. For each of these Virtues, a demon rose to hold them in balance. When mankind fails to uphold the virtue, the demons will rise and Sin will consume the word and corrupt the pure.”

While I have no idea if the Virtues will be used in Heroes of Newerth, I can assume they will rise up to restore balance and fight back the Hellbourne.

 Envy – Kindness

Envy has already been revealed as the first of the Seven sins to decend upon Newerth. The new avatar for Parasite has a new model, sounds, animations and effects. This is a good choice for envy with parasite stealing the bodies of creeps and more importantly the buffs from other players with its ultimate.

Envy likes what you have

When it comes to the virtue of Kindness, I would like to see them convert Accursed, with his shield and heal he can protect his allies. Perhaps even some kind of rainbow special effects when he uses his ultimate, regardless of how much they hurt him he just because happier.

Sloth – Dilligence

The second sin to invade Newerth has infected its first Legion Hero Armadon. Everyone’s favorite snot-nosed beast has finally had its shell cracked to reveal the ogre inside. Now with two heads trying to make decisions he is even slower to take action than ever before; the birds have begun nesting on his massive back and its all he can do to shake their nests away!

Heroes of Newerth Armadon Sloth
Two heads are slower than one.

This ponderous behemoth will be slowing things down for everyone around him as he takes to the field against his former friends and allies. To counter this onslaught of Sloth, I hope we can see Blitz or Doctor Repulsor as Dilligence, both heroes known for zipping around and causing trouble.

Lust – Chastity

Usually reffered to excessive sexual wants, Lust can also just mean an instense desire for money, fame or power as well. Succubus is an obvious choice for this sin and because of that, I think it has to be someone else. How about Artesia, she already has a twirling dance and could throw down her ultimate as a stripper pole perhaps.

Artesia Heroes of Newerth
Stop imagining the stripper pole

It would be fun to see Moraxus somehow changed into the Virtue, his Arcane Shield abilities protects him from projectiles and his ultimate Matraxe could be some sort of Chastity Belt.

Gluttony – Temperance

Over consumption to the point of waste. Usually to do with food, eating too much or eating too expensivley. The go-to here would probably be Devourer and I think it will probably go ahead as Devourer is always a crowd favourite. I would like to see Succubus fall into this category, her nuke move is already reffered to as a ”Nom Nom” and her Ultimate ability drains health and mana from an enemy.

Succubus Heroes of newerth
Like this, but maybe with a pot belly.

Greed – Charity

An obvious choice for Greed could be some sort of Midas alternate skin, but in the keeping with trying to be a little different I’d want to see him as charity. Throwing gold at his enemies in acts of charity that leave them stunned? Maybe give him a Mr Monopoly hat and coat tails to be interesting.

Heroes of Newerth Midas
Community chest dirtbag

I’ve seen some suggestions that greed could be Blacksmith for all the gambling that takes place with his ultimate. As an alternative, Soulstealer would make a great Avatar of Greed, he takes the souls of those he kills to boost his own power and unleashes them later.

Wrath – Patience

As S2 have already pulled out the idea for a Rage Bane alternate skin I can only assume they won’t be using it for the Seven Deadly Sins storyline. There are two heroes I could see being equally fitting of Wrath, The Madman hasn’t had much love since his early Nightmare skin, also it’s a bit of an obvious choice with ‘Mad’ in his name. If they were to ‘convert’ a Legion hero my next choice would be Beserker.

Heroes of newerth
So angry you explode blue?

For the virtue of Patience I would look towards Bubbles as a hero who has patience and old age built into his character already. As a second, perhaps Keeper of the Forest, again for similar reasons, always referred to as an old tree, has to wait for the right moment to fire off his ultimate.

Pride – Humility

For the Sin of Pride I can’t go past Corrupted Disciple. He moves fast, can steal strength from others and weaken them with his arrogant behaviour. When enemies use abilities around him he hurts them with with critique on how bad that stun was or how they should stick to public matches. A secondary contender would be Shadowblade as he takes on many different forms, constantly changing his looks.

Heroes of newerth
This, but with sunglasses and fake tan

Humility is all about understanding how small you are in the grand scheme of things. No one knows this better than Andromeda, she/he is born of the stars and has travelled the vastness of space. Through her ultimate she can swap out an ally in danger, replacing them with herself to take the punishment. She forces enemies into humility themselves, lowering their damage and armour while boosting allies.

Final Thoughts – Heroes of Newerth Seven Deadly Sins

  • Envy – Parasite
  • Sloth – Armadon
  • Lust – Artesia
  • Gluttony – Succubus
  • Greed – Blacksmith
  • Wrath – The Madman
  • Pride – Corrupted Disciple

So we may not get the virtues thrown into the mix but I’ve put my ideas forward. If you don’t agree or have another list, I’d love for you to share it below or write on our Facebook page.

Either way, I’m looking forward to these new alternate avatars from the Seven Deadly Sins storyline, S2 may even have me throwing money at them.

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Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan
Daniel 'Sheriff Dan' Ryan is a long time Dungeon Master who has worked in Esports, Marketing, and writes about Gaming when the sun goes down.


  1. Interesting choices Dan, I’m more of the mind they might create some “ironic” alt avatars, clever ones rather than the obvious. I like the idea of blitz being tied to Sloth, but I think I’d rather see him as Sloth, as everyone else is slow compared to him. I just think that would make for a much more interesting take on the sins.

    Similarly Midas should be Greed. All his skills, and every one of his dialogue lines, is perfectly geared towards setting him up for an amazing Greed. Gluttony has the obvious choices in Devourer and Succubus, but again, I’d like to see a clever pick, Dampeer would work well, or even Bramble…she IS essentially a giant mouth.

    Loved the idea you had with Pride, although I think I’d like to see Shadowblade there instead of Corrupted Disciple.

  2. Yeah, Blitz could have been a choice for Sloth, but Armadon has already been announced for that one. That’s why I think maybe Diligence.

    Perhaps a Male Succy (Incubus) could be on the cards for Lust but I really think it might be too obvious. Someone in the forums suggested maybe Corrupted Disciple as Lust for something a bit interesting. Stealing damage and weakening those around him.

    Another idea I saw was Pharaoh as pride, mostly because of the arrogance of his current sayings, “They shall all serve me” Maybe some kind of Egytian God Pharaoh.

    Gluttony as Bramble could be cool, maybe the ulti would slap you with chocolate or gummi snakes.


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